A 9 Year Old is Dead, Because of Liberals Identity Politicsā€¦

Itā€™s really sad seeing the headlines of a 9year old boy committing suicide after supposedly coming out as gay and subsequently being bullied at school. White liberals have played a cruel game that has created the psychotic belief that a 9year old child understands anything related to their sexuality. This need for liberal white women to be all things popular for attention is the reason the suicidal murders of an entire family of adopted black children occurred. This is the failure of liberals identity politics and the brainwashing of people who are incapable of seeing through the minutiae. The constant brainwashing and fear of condemnation caused people over multiple states to overlook the strangeness of the Hart familyā€™s lesbian mothers, and the cries and pleas of their adopted black children.

Liberals will have you to believe that a 9year old is capable of understanding complexities around sexuality and anyone who says different is homophobic. However, I believe Jamel Myles was coerced by an adult to even make such a claim. Jamelā€™s mother is shown below in a #BlackLivesMatter t-shirt, the Hart family who abused their kids and later drove them off of a cliff, was seen in Ferguson protesting for Mike Brown. There is a direct correlation between all of these instances, and it all leads back to the con game of liberals and their ā€˜Identity Politicsā€™.

A 9year old childā€™s only focus should be being a child, and at no place in that stage of childhood should they even be thinking about any form of sexuality, gay or straight. I donā€™t know any child who even knows or understands anything about human anatomy or what sexuality even means at that age. Liberal parents treating children like the latest designer handbag is the real reason that Jamel is dead.

The same people who are defending a story about a 9year old coming out as gay, have no problem with white celebrities like South African, Charlise Theron dressing her adopted black son in girls clothing.

These same people have no problem with the latest trend that has some parents calling their children ā€˜theybiesā€™, a word created to allow their children to decide their genders. These are the same people who defend parents giving young boys hormones at 5years of age, saying their son is a girl trapped in a boys body.

White liberals have used both feminism and LGBTQ to create a class of white people as victims; who deserve civil rights and the erasure of all forms of privilege that their whiteness affords themā€¦because after all, theyā€™re either a white woman, white gay or transgender.

So in essence this new game of victimhood will forever seal both white women and gay white men into a new era that erases for them the stain of Americaā€™s crimes against minorities because theyā€™ve made themselves the top tier of their identity politics benefactors.

All of these movements have used black women and black people to catapult into the forefront over all issues related to the civil rights for black people as a whole. By focusing on gender and sexuality, white liberals have effectively erased the struggle of equality that black people have lived with for centuries. It allows them to deny their racism by claiming solidarity in womanhood. It allows them to erase their roles and systemic white privilege by weaponizing their gender and sexuality.

From #MeToo to LGBTQ movements, it has been rich white women and white elites (by design) who have benefited the most from these agendas. Jamel Myles should be enjoying a life of 9year old child, but instead heā€™s dead because of his mother, and the system of confusion that liberals have created around identity politics, along with this need for liberal white mothers/parents to be seen as cool and inclusive; brainwashed a child into saying something that he had no understanding of. It is said that he was bullied by kids in school to kill himself, it should also be questioned was he bullied by his mother to make such an outrageous claim on being gay in the first place!

From Russia With Love,

Charlie Peach

World Traveler, Unbossed & Unbought: Independent & Critical Thinker, Informer NOT Conformer! No Democrat/ No GOP- #DemExit ā€” Unapologetically BLACK!