Are Robin Roberts, Soledad, Sunny Hostin & Michael Strahan trying to #MeToo the #BLM movement?

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There is something sinister afoot here when black celebrities like Robin Roberts, Soledad, Sunny Hostin and Michael Strahan almost in tandem, center themselves in the outrage of black America, by claiming their past issues of racism with their various employers. Then que up Whoopi, you can always count on her cooning to defend white supremacy and racism when it’s being wielded by the left. In recent days all of these black, rich and famous mouthpieces for liberals agendas, have all came out to discuss their alleged workplace racism. Why now?

If they had these experiences then when not say this in support of their fellow black elite liberal pawn, Gabrielle Union! She has literally launched a third career out of her allegedly being a victim of workplace racism, they could have easily tag-teamed their alleged experiences with hers.

This is how liberals send out their token black celebrity mouth pieces to destroy and/or distract from any legitimate fight that black people have waged.

Soledad: A woman who identifies as black only when it can elevate her financially, via college scholarships, jobs and fake activism. She lives as a white woman in private life, yet she never misses a chance to pretend otherwise when it benefits her.

O’Brien, who co-anchored CNN’s “American Morning” from 2003 to 2007, made the allegation in a pair of tweets Saturday, in which she alleged the producer singled out New York Times columnist Charles Blow as the “right kind” of black person, but not radio host Roland Martin.

Interestingly, Soledad didn’t have a problem following orders and booking the “right kind of black guests”. The irony of it all is that Soledad’s hire and successes have been largely because she was the “right kind of black”…

The tweet below between Soledad and LL Cool J sickened me to my stomach, she is literally pretending that she is raising children that would be viewed as biracial, or that she has to defend from all of the worlds racist inequalities. The only talk Soledad has with her children, is what time their heading to their country club.

Soledad with her wealthy invest banker husband & family

Robin Roberts: Robin is black, female and married to a white woman (the real liberal trifecta) and also one of the most powerful black women in media, yet now wants us to think that she has somehow been a victim of racism within the workplace and she simply sat silently by without saying anything until now.

Robin has a megaphone for a platform and if she were being victimized in anyway at work, she could have easily put and end to it.

Robin Roberts & wife Amber

Sunny Hostin: Sunny is literally the only one of this crew who is actually married to someone black (surgeon), however she rose to fame by being a hard nosed DOJ attorney who worked as an expert on Bill O’Reilly’s legal segment on FOX news.

However Sunny wasn’t raised as a black woman but a Latina in NYC, and anyone who knows anything about NYC and the Latino community, knows that they have always distanced themselves from black people. Since Sunny’s rise to fame and the change in political winds; she became less of an expert on legal doctrine and instead a paid mouthpiece for the left’s political agendas. Anyone who’s objectively watched an episode of The View, knows that Sunny is no longer recognizable in many ways.

Also, let’s be clear Sunny is former DOJ, don’t think that she didn’t spend her career indiscriminately locking up black & brown people.

Sunny Hostin & family
Sunny with her mother & daughter

Michael Strahan: Poor Michael, his mere existence in media as a supposed straight black man is only because he tows the line for white liberals and any cause da jour of their fraud agendas.

Strahan is the only black man who’s ever gotten away with calling out a popular white woman (Kelly Rippa) and not being destroyed for doing so…you should really ask yourselves why. Not to mention the very public and constant battle he’s having with his ex-wife and mother of this twin girls. A black man being verbally attacked by a former white wife, and yet “they” haven’t decided to destroy him…again, you should ask yourselves why not?

Michael Strahan, ex-wife & daughters

Clarification: In the recent weeks of the justified outrage of Black America and the orchestrated world at large, there have been many groups who have tried to either shutter the movement or quieten the rage all together. The irony of this and my using the fraud monicker of BLM movement in my title isn’t lost on me (that’s a story for another day). I in no way support BLM the organization, and my use of it in my title is merely as a term to garner the attention it creates.

It is clear to me that these black celebrities (and they are all the “Right Kinda Black People”) coming out now to air their supposed experiences with workplace racism is not just suspect but an intended rouse to deflect from the voices of the former voiceless, who are now rising up to snatch the megaphones that these sellouts have been given to keep us all oppressed. This is their penance for being allowed to have a voice and fame within the left’s white supremacists platforms.

Lastly, they are only being summoned to stamp out the noise and discomfort for white liberals and to end the legitimate fight for black lives. But hey, they are tearing down statues and renaming streets to BLM…I guess the plethora of abject poverty stricken streets named MLK across the USA, wasn’t enough!

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