Dear Black America, The Obama’s, Biden, Harris, Democrats & Liberal Media are All Gaslighting You.

The phrase, “who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes” should be the theme of the last two days of liberal media and democrats faux outrage, versus what we know we saw for months on end during last summer’s BLM protests all across the USA. I live in a city that saw police being ordered to stand down and forced to watch as bottles and rocks were thrown at them. They were also ordered to stand down as their police cars were overturned and burned, buildings destroyed with barely any pushback from our Black Girl Magic Mayor. The media coddled the violence and rioting for an entire summer, where innocent people all across the country were not allowed to enjoy a meal at an outside restaurant without being tormented by BLM protestors.

In one instance instead of the media and the democrats clamping down on what was clearly an out of control situation, protestors rushed towards the White House in attempts to remove Trump. Liberal media and the democrats all laughed and mocked Trump saying he was a coward hiding in fear in the White House bunker. Yet there were no leaked pictures of Trump hiding in a bunker to confirm this childish, dangerous, and inflammatory rhetoric, but we all saw how Congress and Senate coward in fear on Tuesday. However, instead of it being a joke and liberal media mocking them for running and hiding, their headlines took on a more ominous tone.

Juxtapose the below headlines to what occurred with Tuesday’s events and the overall media coverage and outrage to what we witnessed over the summer with their coverage of BLM protests. Mainstream media has always gaslit the poor when describing incidents about them, no matter what ethnic group it was about. It’s only rich white people (usually rich white liberals) that are allowed respect when it comes to their protests (white women’s rights, abortions), or their fake support of protests that is only because it will benefit a particular interest at the time.

How dare “those” people come to the Capitol and upset the elite democrats and republicans day. The problem with all of this is that Democrats and Republicans knew that Trump supporters were protesting that day and they did nothing to ensure the security of their meetings…you should ask why?

Democrats and their media overlords have now in unison decided to play on the anger of Black people and police brutality by pushing a comparison of had the people who stormed the capitol been Black they would have received far different treatment. Joe Biden even gave a speech pretending to be outraged and saying we all know what would have happened had they been Black. Biden then went on to claim in that same incendiary speech that he wanted to bring the country together…that’s the biggest lie that has ever been told because democrats and republicans are only successful by the continued division of Black vs. White.

Before I go any further allow me to state clearly that we all know that Black people are treated differently (if not, deadly) when it comes to our encounters with the police. That fact is indisputable. What is also indisputable is that the same people feigning outrage and saying had Tuesday’s rioters been black, are also the same people who have brainwashed Black people into voting for a man who wrote the most harmful and destructive law for Black people since slavery. A law that incentivized the criminalization of millions of Black men, women and children into the crosshairs of the very police system they now pretend to be against. They are the same people who wants you to believe that Kamala Harris who lovingly called herself a “top cop” and had to be forced by federal courts to allow prisoners early release, is somehow going to give a damn about the concerns of police brutality and any other systemic issue that poor Black people live with daily. The democrats choosing these two con artists was the biggest slap in the face of Black people, during a summer of unrest about police brutality. Yet Black people mindlessly accepted them both.

The whipping up of Black people to be angry at what happened on Tuesday at the US Capitol is shameful. The entire world witnessed over the summer the endless fires and burning down and taking over of police stations, churches, and even as I mentioned earlier, attempts to breach the wall of the White House to go after Trump. The difference is that liberal media did not cover those incidents with honesty; they instead chose to either not show them at all or as CNN did live on several occasions, tell their viewers that all was well as they stood in front of burning buildings and rioters violently storming the streets behind them.

I also remember clearly watching in disbelief as White women and their supporters stormed the Supreme Court during Kavanaugh hearings, bombrushed police and were allowed to bang on their doors, yet CNN and MSNBC literally praised their outrage and destruction. When these White people were beating down the Supreme Court doors and Senate floor with no regard to police or decorum, there was no outcry about what if they had been Black. It’s okay for rich White women, to subvert order and attempt to overthrow the nomination of a Supreme Court Justice, but how dare “these” mostly poor people think they have any rights to fight against clear election fraud and the nomination of Biden.

There was no calling of how horrible their actions were to democracy. They were not labeled terrorists or mobs, they were instead coddled by the media with glowing headlines of praise and resistance. It is clear that these democrats were trying to subvert the nomination of a Supreme Court Justice, but that seems to be okay and only the voting and nomination of Biden is sacrosanct. It is also clear that only elite White Democrats (and especially white women) are allowed to defy our government and protest against it…damn the poor on both sides!

You only have to look at the treatment by elite democrats, celebrities and liberal media when it came to Bernie Sanders supporters to know that the Democrat Party is now the party of the elite. They hate the poor (black & white) on both sides and have mastered ways via the power of big tech, mainstream media, and celebrities to manipulate those who are not willing to think for themselves.

Witnessing over the last few days the constant rants of Black vs. White being spewed in unison, is proof that the Democrat machine, and their elite handlers have all gotten together and decided that cries of racism will be their main divisive agenda to keep Americans angry and divided since their boogeyman of the past 4+ years is now gone. This will also serve as a faux agenda to keep them from enacting any policy or real change. Biden and Harris claimed that their agenda was to bring Americans together but instead have immediately pushed to gaslight America with Black vs. White rhetoric of division.

It’s too bad that Biden didn’t use that same comparison of ‘what if they were Black’ when his crackhead son got multiple passes to skirt the very laws that he wrote and pushed to lock up Black people. Hunter Biden instead was given access to jobs that paid him millions when Black people who are charged with the same crime can barely get a minimum wage job for the rest of their lives.

It’s also too bad that Biden didn’t use that same analogy when his niece was repeatedly given a pass from the justice system after her many run ins of theft and other major felonies that would have landed any Black person in prison.

Another disturbing rant came from Michelle Obama making the same claims of “what if they were black” when we know her husband and Joe Biden presided over the rise of BLM. We know that Barack Obama as POTUS, called young Black protestors in Baltimore, Thugs and also refused to apologize. She wasn’t finished with her arrogance and egomania, Michelle went even further and demanded that all social media remove Trump permanently from their platforms (she clearly got her wish)…now where have we heard those types of words before, yet we were told that Trump was the dictator!!

We know that under Obama, Natives were water hosed during subfreezing temperature while protesting his attempts to install the South Dakota pipeline. We know that Obama militarized police with more military tanks and war arsenal equipment than any other president before him.

We know that the entire political machine in Minneapolis where George Floyd was killed is entirely ran by Democrats, the same in Missouri where Mike Brown died. We all know that Obama’s lap dog Rahm Emanuel was the Mayor of Chicago who aided in the coverup of Laquan McDonald’s murder. We know that all of the cities that saw massive riots because of police murders during Obama’s reign were all lead and ran by Democrats.

We also know that under Obama (a Black POTUS) we had a Black Attorney General, a Black Homeland Security, and a Black National Security Advisor, and with all of this Blackness; they did nothing to change the course of systemic racism and police brutality that they all are now are feigning outrage about. We also know that during the height of the second Ferguson uprising, Obama signed the Blue Alert Bill to protect police…that was after his love letter to police when a Dallas, TX police officer was killed. Obama praised the police for literally bombing a Black man to death. However, Barack and Michelle are now the arbiters of anti-police protests and Black anger…give me a f*cking break!

Racism somehow doesn’t exist unless it’s done at the hands of Republicans.

Whether I agree with Trump’s directives to his supporters on the possibility of overturning, what was clearly a rigged election or not is irrelevant, after seeing the lies by democrats and liberal media, and their attempts to continue to divide us all via race is more dangerous than anything Trump has ever done. They’re all laughing to the bank as they pedal their propaganda and fear porn.

This lie and drumbeat the democrats are pedaling is nothing more than another way to further take away our rights and further push us all into submission by the very system they claim to be against.

There was no mob action or insurrection happening, the Capitol is the “People’s” house and demanding that our politicians do their jobs or railing against those who don’t, is the very thing that has lead to any systemic changes in the past.

I actually admire Trump protestors for taking their fight to the very people that control our livelihoods with a simple stroke of a pen, as the young twitter poster stated. They chose not to burn down buildings in their neighborhoods that provide critical care like a Walgreens, or those that provide jobs and food like a Target etc., they took it to the politicians who write the laws that have oppressed, robbed, and divided us all; all while enriching themselves at our expense for decades.

It blows the mind the way democrats and their corporate owned media elite have chosen to cover the death of Ashli Babbitt compared to the outrage after the death of Heather Heyer during the Charlottesville protests. These people care nothing about women or justice, it’s all a political game that both sides play to keep us squarely on opposite sides fighting against each other as they rob us all with impunity.

It is abundantly clear that since the Boogeyman is now gone, Democrats and their overlords have chosen to use racism and Black rage against a group of people that we have more in common with than not, and to ensure that we don’t see the real threat….the WASHINGTON ESTABLISHMENT ELITE. As long as they keep us occupied with misguided outrage; they don’t have to deliver anything of substance to any of us.

It’s interesting that there was no protest last week when it was announced that the police (who shot the Black man six times in the back in Kenosha, WI over the summer), was not going to be charged. That proves that most of what we witnessed over the summer was not organic but manufactured by a machine that is more powerful than the orange man bad, that we are told to hate. It was clear that democrats were not going to send out the calls or send in the people to protest that ruling because they were not going to allow that protest to overshadow their plans with the Trump protests that they also had a hand in. Also to be clear, both parties are dirty and both parties of the establishment are behind most of what has occurred. No matter what you think of Trump; his refusing to start a war, his push to expose the swamp and his insistence on fighting against China was the real reason both parties hated him. Both parties are filthy with ill gotten wealth and monies from the constant drumbeat of wars, globalization (NAFTA) and China’s power.

This will probably be my last blog because there is no platform anymore that’s free of liberals domination and control. If you don’t bow to their beliefs nothing you post or say is heard or even believed, if not completely removed. As many of you know; I was permanently suspended from Twitter in October of 2016 under the lie of being a Russian bot. All major platforms are now shadowbanning if not completely blocking those who don’t post lies to support democrats agendas.

Hopefully you all will post this to your various social media pages…as I sign off and wish you all love, health and wealth abundantly.

From Russia With Love,

Charlie Peach🍑

Uncle Hotep, Antonio Moore, The Democrats, Jared Beck



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