Democrats are Manipulating Black People into “Defending” the Police: #EugeneGoodman

Anti-Police Protest 2020 — Courtesy New York Post

I said in my last blog that I was walking away from writing because of the unprecedented shadowbanning that is now occurring across all social media platforms, against those of us who don’t bow to groupthink and mind control. However, watching Black folk gloriously praising the Black cop Eugene Goodman, in order to own the Republicans forced me to change my mind.

Democrats spent all summer elevating BLM and their anti-police message of defunding and abolishing the police. They used the horrific murders of Floyd, Aubrey and Taylor, to enrage Black people (note my use of Black is specifically for African Americans) against the police in order to hurt Trump’s re-election chances, to now rally them all back into defending the police once they are no longer needed. We saw city after city destroyed with unifying messages of, “defund the police” or “abolish the police”. After months of watching liberal cities in flames, businesses burned to the ground, and countless lives lost, democrats realized that it was time to reel in their paid protestors (unfortunately, there were those who were not part of the paid agitators but sincere activists demanding change).

They knew that if they continued on this path of endless violence and destruction, they would lose both the presidency and down ballot voting campaigns across the country. They also knew they never intended to change the very system that keeps them dominate over us all. The change in rhetoric was swift and cold…corporate media, Hollywood and all of their token Black mouthpieces across the country, immediately began to change their tune on defunding the police.

They immediately rallied their many mouthpieces in celebrity entertainment, corporate media and politicians, to push back on any calls for abolishing the police.

After all, their token VP choice lovingly called herself a top cop, and made it clear during her failed campaign, that she was not going to do anything “specific” for Black people.

Minority Whip, James Clyburn was adamant that he did not support defunding the police…(just think Clyburn was one of the many “lifer” Congressional Black Caucus members who signed on to Joe Biden’s Crime Bill that purposely attacked the Black community and destroyed millions of Black families for generations to come).

In order for democrats to further move their message away from reforming or defunding the police and to soften the blow to Black people when they most assuredly refused to do anything meaningful; they needed a hero for Black people to eagerly cheer for…and in walks capitol police officer Eugene Goodman to save the day.

Goodman was quickly elevated to be seen across the USA as the hero that saved America’s Democracy. He was given top billing to escort Kamala Harris during the inauguration. Media was alerted and ready to take pictures of him, that would be carefully crafted/taken as he walked down the red carpet and beamed throughout homes across the world. Democrats know that Black people are suckers for anyone that has a Black face with a “D” behind their names…voila’ the messaging was complete.

Eugene Goodman — Inauguration Day: Courtesy of

Everything we saw on January 6th was pre-planned but not the way you have been told. I encourage all of you to watch the video that’s going around now praising Goodwin for saving Mitt Romney. If people really paid attention you will see Goodwin running down a hallway and what appears to be by sheer coincidence, sees Romney and motions him to go the other way. Goodwin did not break stride and ran completely past Romney…and someone that appeared to be secret service, grabbed Romney’s arm and ushered him towards the direction that Goodman had just ran.

Lawmakers on both sides were told of possible threats and concerns of the large numbers of people planning to attend the rally on January 6th. However, democrats refused federal law enforcement help from Trump administration. District of Columbia’s mayor, made it clear that she was not requesting any assistance and discouraged any additional deployment.

Repeat: Nancy Pelosi, Bowser, Democrats and Republicans were all briefed on the threat level that the Jan 6th protest entailed, but they refused to push for further assistance. Ask yourselves who benefited from the Capitol riots?

Democrats are now pretending outrage and lying about what occurred because they know the general public and their troll minion supporters will believe anything that’s spewed from their corporate media machines. You can not watch CNN or MSNBC without seeing some former spook of the CIA or FBI plastered across their platform.

Why Black people don’t find this offensive is baffling to me. MSNBC/Joy Reid darling and sycophant, (Dr.) Jason Johnson who loves trashing anyone Black that does not support the establishment; grew up with a mother who is FBI. Jason and Joy both cheer anything the Democrats peddle and are vocal on being against anything substantive for Black people.

It wasn’t enough that Black people are falling all over themselves praising Goodman as a hero, but hearing them say that he saved “our government” was the bottom of the barrel in stupidity. Bare in mind that this is the same government that they yell has oppressed us as Black people for centuries, and the same police system that they spent the entire summer ranting against. The Democrat Party use and manipulate Black people at every turn, they know that all they have to do is either put a “D” after their name, have Cardi or Beyonce and crew bless it, and if they’re Black that is always the icing on the cake. When will we wake up and stop being used by democrats and their many disturbing agendas of absolute control, lies and manipulation???

The tweet below is one of the best tweets I’ve seen in years that describes how pathetically Black people are being played by democrats. I made this same comparison when the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite first came out…why are Black people begging Hollywood for awards and opportunities, when they are the very group that’s a clear arm of the Democrat Party???

We have all witnessed over the past several years as every major corporation, corporate media, Hollywood, elite educational institutions etc., all side with the Democratic Party Globalist machine; yet Black people are still struggling in all of those areas to be included in some way or form.

Again, this was all the democrats plan, because they never intended to go against the police or make them accountable on a systemic level. After all, Obama had an entire Black cabinet of officials that oversaw policing in some form or another all across the USA, and they did nothing to change the systemic abuse that activists begged for throughout his administration. They also made it clear that they were not going to do anything specifically for African Americans as whole.

On inauguration day, after Black sororities promoted their “Strolls to the Polls”, all Black women were encouraged to wear chucks & pearls as a symbolic gesture to Kamala’s sorority affiliation. An affiliation that she only honors when it’s politically expedient.

The rewriting of Kamala’s horrific history towards Black people is laughable, when we know she wasn’t even able to win her own state in her race for President. Actually, Kamala has been far from anyone that Black women (especially little Black girls) should be proud of, on any level.

So now Goodman is about to be awarded the Congressional Medal of Freedom for his heroism aka doing his job, we will be pacified back to sleep on police reforms and other economic needs of Black people because Democrats are in office. We should not worry, BLM got a few confederate statues removed, streets named after them, and a pending nobel peace prize to boot.

Meanwhile, Black America got sold a bill of goods to vote for a man that not only wrote the crime bill, but also imposed three strikes programs and actually incentivised states to build private prisons and enforce his laws on a local level.

Democrats are now telling Black people not to believe their lying eyes and ears when it comes to the $2000 stimulus checks that they promised while campaigning in Georgia for Ossoff and Warnock.

They’re not worried because they know they will continue to get your votes for free, and all they have to do is whip you up into a frenzy again about the next police murder or racist Trump voters, and Black people will willingly fall over themselves to Vote Blue No Matter Who.

From Russia With Love,

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