Ebola is a River in Africa, Wuhan is a City in China, Stop Pretending it’s Racist Now…

The New Strain of COVID is Called South African Variant

I am beyond tired of the lies and manipulation coming from the Democratic Party and its various arms of CIA, liberal media, celebrities and online trolls. This bogus story being pedaled by them regarding Asian violence due to Trump’s use of the term “China Virus”, is laughable. No one said a word when several areas in African and other places of color, were labeled after viruses and diseases that were said to have originated from those locations.

Ebola (Ebola River in Zaire Africa), West Nile Virus (W. Nile area in Uganda), Guinea Worm (West Africa), MERS (Middle East Respiratory, Saudi Arabia), Zika Fever (Uganda), Spanish Flu, Japanese Encephalitis, Lassa Fever (Lassa Nigeria).

There has also been no outrage for the recent naming of the 2nd strain of COVID to the South African Variant. There has been no liberal media outcry, no celebrity protests, and complete silence from those within the democrat party. The bold and blatant hypocrisy of the Democrat Party is on full display for all who care to either be honest or take their blinders off. This level of fraud and duplicity should never be accepted in democratic society.

Moreover, I am shocked that people are really this stupid and partisan that they can’t or refuse to see how they’re all being played. Liberals and the Globalist Elite want a race war and they are doing all they can to ensure that they achieve it. Manufactured Racism is the democrats trigger in every story around the country and the globe now.

There is no escaping the cries of 24/7 racism from the ethos of the Democratic establishment and their mouthpieces.

Partial list of constant cries of Racism & Racists:

  1. Meghan Markle (The Firm)
  2. The Bachelor
  3. All Sports
  4. Grammy’s
  5. Oscars
  6. The Talk (Sharon Osbourne)
  7. The View
  8. Voter ID’s (because as Black people, we are too poor and dumb to have ID’s — Note: EVERY poor person in America who relies on any form of Gov’t assistance, has to have an ID. In fact it is against the law to be stopped driving, or walking without one in the state of GA).
  9. Complaining About Voting Irregularities
  10. Social Media
  11. CNN & MSNBC
  12. Church
  13. Walking
  14. Talking
  15. Attacking Asians

Democrats were saddened to learn that the recent deadly shooting in Atlanta could not be attributed to Trump and the so-called “domestic terrorists” from January 6th. They wanted so badly to make that connection. Like the woman that was killed in the Jan 6th riot at the capitol, the two White people that were also killed yesterday will get no sympathy from democrats. They are already spinning it as a hate crime against Asian women, yet two white men were killed also.

Celebrities have been pulling out all the stops to chime in to feign concern for Asian violence. Nigerian Cynthia Erivo, couldn’t wait to denounce the shooting in Atlanta as racism and rallying her followers to not believe the claims coming from the gunman. Cynthia says in her social media post below, that the attacks were racist and misogynistic (the other liberal go to trigger)…shh don’t tell her that a man is lying in intensive care who was also shot.

However, Erivo ( a known anti-African American antagonist/racist) hasn’t acknowledged how badly Africans have been treated in China since the Covid virus epidemic. She also hasn’t acknowledge the horrific way in which China is taking over her country. All of these celebrities who are given access and visibility in Hollywood and media, can only do so if they go along with liberals and the globalists agendas.

The mayor of Atlanta, did a press conference to condemn the killer and his horrific actions. Keisha Lance Bottoms spoke at the presser as though she was the Governor, because half of those that were killed were killed in another city and not Atlanta. She purposely made sure that the other Mayor who’s community was devastated as well was not there to counter her spotlight.

The mass murders of 8 people (6 of Asian decent) in 3 different locations was an awful and disturbing thing to hear about, but Atlanta has been a breeding grime for sex crimes and sex trafficking. And whether you want to believe it or not, there is some credibility to the killers claims of sexual addiction. Atlanta has been plagued with murders for months now. Just a few weeks ago, over the NBA All-star weekend there were at least 14 people shot and or/killed. There was no press conference to lament the pain of those Black families, nor outrage against it.

Mayor Bottoms is finally acknowledging that she has a problem with violent crimes in this city, but her weakness and ineptitude have been full display…Having a violent crime spree that could be tied to Trump and a deranged white man, would place her back in the national spotlight, and also lend credibility to the Biden’s administrations new Asian agenda as well.

Please note: The articles below were before yesterday’s shooting spree.

The elevation of faux Asian hate crimes was nothing more than political, and the Mayor is once again allowing national democrats to control her story to protect the establishment. The true stories of what’s really happening with the rise in violent crimes in the city are being ignored. It was the Mayor following the orders of national democrats that has gotten her in the position that she is currently faced with. Instead of Mayor Bottoms doing what was best for Atlanta, she instead did what was best for the establishment and their national agendas. The trade off for her became a national profile, that is quickly fading in the once bright lights of Wakanda (sarcasm) like her once partner in crime Governor Cuomo.

There was nothing more pathetic and egregious than seeing the mayor align herself with New York’s fraud Governor Cuomo on Covid support, when in her role as mayor her relationship with the states Governor should have been her only agenda. As mayor, any threats to the citizenry of Atlanta would need the help of the Governor of Georgia. When mass unrest occurred during BLM protests in Atlanta, it was the Governor of Georgia that the Mayor had to request the support from the National Guard…Cuomo had no jurisdiction nor power to intervene.

Now Bottoms is faced with an uphill battle in her re-election in November and the rise in violence all across the city. However, instead of her realizing that she has made a bad error in allowing the establishments needs to outweigh what was best for the city, she is now grasping at straws to connect the recent shootings at local massage parlors to be that of a racist. Mayor Bottoms said tonight, that she doesn’t believe the story coming from the shooter, she insists it was racism that triggered the shootings. I guess she won’t believe the reports coming from a former resident of Maverick Recovery, who stated that the shooter (sex addiction treatment) shared a housing unit with him last year. The question becomes, who exactly was the mayor representing in these press conferences relating to this recent mass shooting, was it as Mayor of Atlanta and its citizenry, or was it her new role as Vice-Chair of DNC and their political agendas?

Unfortunately, for Black people our usefulness for Democrat Party is fading; Black people gave their votes to Biden and Democrats in mass only to see them give their support to everyone but Black people. After a long summer of mass riots and unrest spurred on by the death of George Floyd, Breona Taylor and Ahmad Aubrey, Biden had the audacity to sign an Executive Order to protect Asian’s against the made up controversy of racism against them.

I don’t know of a more racist group of non White people towards Black people than Asian’s, but they do have a close contender in the Indian Asian community as well.

All of this is nothing more than made up lies to placate democrats agenda, fueled to further keep Trump in the media, and to keep people from focusing on dementia Joe and the complete lies and disasters of the Biden Administration.

I remember clearly how Biden campaigned on Trump being too soft on China. This was merely Biden trying to erase the fact that he, his brother and his son were paid millions by the Chinese Government…and he needed to silence Trump’s attacks about it.

However, as soon as Biden became President he immediately changed that tune and began to push the narrative that Asian’s were victims of Trumps rhetoric against them.

It begs the question, if Biden is really doing this because CCP (Chinese Communist Party) has demanded that he do so.😳

From Russia With Love,

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