How #ADOS Exposed the “Black” Slave Catchers for Liberals White Supremacists Agendas…

Yvette Carnell — Breaking Brown #ADOS

I have been awestruck at the amount of online slander, outright lies and intended manipulation that blacks like Talib Kweli, Mark Thompson, Rev. Barber, Joy Reid, Angela Rye, Roland Martin, Julianne Malveaux and a host of other loud, old and sold out black leaders have spewed in online and televised attacks against Reparations for #ADOS. It’s one thing to look around our communities and see the neglect and despair and assume that Blacks in leadership and high profile positions are actively selling out our people, but it’s a whole other experience to actually see them publicly do so with such fervor, arrogance and disdain; or without concerns of any retribution whatsoever. They are indeed the “Who are you going to believe, them are your lying eyes” black slave catchers of the 21st Century. Their coordinated attacks to silence the roaring voices for #ADOS reparations, lead by Yvette Carnell and Antonio Moore have been very clear.

Talib Kweli, a washed out rapper has been especially interesting to watch; I have yet to discern if his very personal issues with Yvette are that she’s a black woman who has the audacity to threaten his butter biscuits, or that she also happens to be gay. He and his co-washed out minion a Rachel Dolezal and Tina Maria wannabe, named Imani Kushan have spent an enormous amount of time lobbing personal attacks against her, and pedaling right wing conspiracy lies about her and #ADOS. Talib calls Yvette all types of slanderous names and sellouts, yet he partners with a white woman to levy his most outrageous attacks against #ADOS and Yvette.

Imani a white woman, and some blue check white men have all jumped onboard to help her and Talib carry on the daily attacks. Why would white people have such interest and disdain for #ADOS and its overall push to essentially lobby on the behalf of American descendants of slaves? You already know the answer. Old Tom listed below, spent days going after a black woman on twitter who dared demand reparations for black people that didn’t include immigrants. He says he’s troubled by the anti-immigrant sentiment, I’m troubled by his white splaining of black history and and what ADOS should and should not be doing; not to mention that he appears to be running for congress!

Talib spends his days bragging of his privileged upbringing, yet his online rants sounds more like a ghetto hoodrat who never stepped out of a housing project, let alone received any private school education. He never mentions that he was kicked out of high school for academic reasons and also never finished college. That would clearly explain his juvenile psychotic rants and petty unintelligent and often illegible replies. He is truly the black sheep of his family, used for the very ghetto antics he’s been displaying on social media against #ADOS.

He has waged an online daily attack against Yvette while staying virtually silent against Antonio, Sandy Darity (Duke Professor and Reparations Scholar) or even Tariq Nasheed who has also joined in support of #ADOS. Had this type of online harassment and attacks been done against a gay black woman who was towing the democrats line of thought, there would be an all out war from black twitter and a protest waged against Talib accusing him of verbally abusing a black woman, toxic masculinity and homophobia. Instead, you can hear a seismic size pin drop across the internet from the silence of those who normally traffic in identify politics at every turn, now mute in defense of Yvette. You should also find it odd that Jack and twitter have not suspended his account for good for his verbal abuse of anyone who doesn’t boldly kiss his ass. I have seen people suspended for using the words faggot and coon (this been said by a black person to another black person), yet Talib gets to spew all types of vulgarities and nothing is said…calling a black person a “fuck nigga” is okay with twitter but calling a gay white man a faggot will get you suspended for life.

This is what Talib’s ‘elite’ upbringing has created, clearly that private all white boys school failed him!

Talib has had a virtual meltdown in his outrageous rants and “non” viral tweets begging for attention and support against #ADOS. He goes on week long rants, attacks and psychotic meltdowns, where he has been allowed by twitter to verbally abuse anyone he comes in contact with on their platform. The interesting part about all of Talib’s rants, are that he supposedly has over 1 million twitter followers and NEVER has more than one or two retweets and a handful of likes (if you don’t believe me, go to his twitter page and see for yourself). This is statistically impossible when someone has that many followers, the level of replies from someone with 1M followers against someone with under 20K like Yvette currently has, would literally shatter their opponents twitter comments. Yet, it has always been Yvette and her followers who have drowned out Talib and his army of none. Laughably, it is clear that Talib does NOT have 1M followers but instead has purchased faked followers, which explains why he is unable to garner any support or replies from them (for those of you who don’t know, in twitters early stages, you could buy followers to impress others that you were being followed). Amazing that they actually called #ADOS bots, when their lead mouthpiece has 1M fake followers himself.

I personally know that Talib has made it a mission to privately DM any blue check black celebrity or personality that he thinks may possibly be straying from the Democrats Plantation or who he deems willing to help him drown out the fight for #ADOS. He begs them to deny Yvette and #ADOS, saying that he has some real cointelpro info that will prove #ADOS is tied to Trump and republicans. It didn’t take a rocket science to prove that he and his brother are tied to Kamala Harris and liberals own white supremacist agendas.

The initial lie that these gatekeepers tried to peddle was that #ADOS supporters were all online bots. They then tried to tie #ADOS with Ann Coulter because of a video clip of her in 2012, stating that ONLY African Americans deserved Reparations. They mocked Yvette for her very fair skin tone and labeled her as passing, when anyone with eyes can see that even if Yvette wanted to pass for white, her very ethnic and kinky African hair texture would give her away (no disrespect intended). After that failed, they were given another marching order to go after Yvette for her seat on a board that was started by a conservative white man (by this logic the Obama’s are both frauds who have boldly worked with the Bush’s and we all know the Bush families corrupt and racist history). They then used a video that Yvette created over a year ago where she used, “Trump was right” as a headline, and instead of people actually watching the video to discern her intent and gather understanding, they allowed the headline to bolster their lies against her and #ADOS…per usual many Black people fell inline with the lie. Yet these same people attacking Yvette, Tone and #ADOS are all running to white people to help them denounce #ADOS. It is very clear that Talib, his brother Jamal with the demand and backing of white liberals, created this lie of right wing and conservative backing in order to drown out the rallying cry for Reparations, after being exposed and refuted of all other lies they tried to concoct. Talib is definitely his brothers puppet, sent to do the bidding and dirty work of white liberals and the democrat establishments agenda.

I have seen countless supposed black professors who’s paychecks are heavily tied to their suppression of all things specific to African Americans, go against any conversations regarding Reparations. I was especially surprised but not shocked with Howard Professor Dr. Greg Carr, who seemed to be having a meltdown on the audacity of these people pushing for Reparations that did not include Africa or other disparate groups of color. Black Professor’s like Carr have a vested interest in denying #ADOS because his entire job is built around this mythical PanAfrican connection that we all know does not exist. Carr’s rise to national fame came when he became a staple on Roland Martin’s former TVOne show.

The same people who tell you that it is untenable to obtain reparations are also telling you that it’s possible to bring together an entire continent of warring factions, tongues, tribes, and various Caribbean islands to have a kumbaya moment of solidarity called PanAfricanism.

Africa is a Continent with thousands of warring tribes, tongues and factions from country to country, who also literally in many cases despise each other. What’s left of Africa that Whites, China and India do not own, is staggering poverty, suffering in many ways from varying diseases (many western inflicted), and wars. Kenya is currently building a wall between themselves and Somalia to supposedly keep out al-Shabab fighters. South African women spend millions on skin lightening cream…all to appear lighter and more white, most of these women literally despise African American women. I am seriously confused where this Africa and African American solidarity and/or PanAfricanism is suppose to be and how it is supposed to be achieved. It’s also a fact that African’s who come to America inshrine themselves within their own newly created communities (purposely segregating themselves from AA’s) and have a very negative opinion of African Americans in general; and most work to ensure that they prove themselves different and/or better. I know this from decades of personal experience, this is not up for debate. I once taught an online IT course for a University in Ghana to young girls, and the one comment that I received often was why were AA’s so lazy and uneducated when we have so much.

I have daily witnessed Black people and white liberals attacking #ADOS for daring to ask for anything specific for American Descendants of Slavery. The most common insult is that #ADOS by definition is divisive and excludes all other minority groups including Black Caribbean’s, Latino’s and Africans. Long dormant groups like NCOBRA have suddenly launched twitter pages and their decades old leaders who have accomplished nothing but personal paychecks to in fact do nothing, have been summoned to finally earn their pay and silence these negroes who dare speak of Reparations for American Descendants of Slavery. How dare anyone push that those of us who‘s ancestors were slaves, and they themselves victims of Jim Crow, Redlining, systemic police abuse and all other forms of oppression, have the audacity to demand that they be made whole.

A newly emerged anti #ADOS character by the name of Mark Thompson (whom I had never heard of) has been both verbally and physically abusive when joining conversations about #ADOS or questioned on why after decades of he and other gatekeepers accomplishing nothing, that they are all now in an uproar to silence Carnell and Moore. Ask yourselves what self respecting Black person would be against anyone fighting for Reparations and #ADOS? If any of these people were serious and not paid operatives for white liberals agendas, they would be willing advocates instead of trolling adversaries.

MSNBC, Joy Reid, poverty preacher Rev Barber, and a slew of white liberal operatives, have all been summoned to ensure the silencing of any call of liberation and/or thoughts of Reparations by #ADOS. In a tweet reply below, former CNN staple, Julianne Malveaux (Bennett College President) has the audacity to ask for “respectful disagreement” in defense of Mark, when he is seen on video clearly attacking another man…but he ran to twitter and the media proclaiming that it was he who was attacked until the real truth surfaced.

African Americans should be especially alarmed when two white men who formerly aligned with Republican Party are now lobbying in support of anti ADOS rethoric. Markos Moulitsas of Daily Koz and David Brock of Media Matters. Brock is best known for his role in helping GOP destroy Anita Hill during Clarence Thomas hearings where he infamously said, “A little bit nutty and a little bit slutty”…both platforms having been writing bogus think pieces attacking #ADOS.

The quest to defend this man by Black Blue Checks, who has been a complete fraud and verbally and physically assaults people (including his former wife) is beyond laughable.

Rev. Barber was sent to launch twitter support begging that SiriusXM not fire Mark and that he is an innocent victim of the mean bullies of #ADOS *sarcasm. I’ve always known that “Moral Mondays” Barber was a fraud but to be so blatant about it, is both embarrassing and shameful. These people are funded by white liberals, and it is white liberals marching orders that they must obey!

Thankfully, SiriusXM chose to believe their eyes instead of the bullying they were receiving from the fraud left wing gatekeepers. I’ve heard this is temporary so we all should continue to call Sirius and demand that it’s permanent.

A few days ago the democrats new it girl and left wing George Soros and AIPAC owned CAP Board member Stacey Abrams (her joining the racist and elitist board of CAP should be the real issue that people should be concerned with), when asked her views on Reparations for #ADOS, she immediately pivoted stating that Natives and African Americans both deserved Reparations. However, the last that I checked, Natives Americans have received billions in reparations and land…not to mention that Native Americans also owned Slaves.

FYI: to all of you who think or thought Stacey Abrams was some victim of GOP fraud, the joke was on you; she literally worked with GOP Gov Deal to gerrymander lines in majority black areas in order to make them GOP districts. The voter suppression rants were her scam to raise money long after the election was over for a foundation she created (a foundation hustle her mentor Hillary taught her well) and to continue to keep her name in the media. The voter purging was actually a dem legislation put in place decades ago to purge names from registration files when the voter did not vote for a select number of elections. Also per Stacey, she feels that illegals should be able to vote in local elections. #FunFacts

The contours of the battlefield are usually seen as partisan; restrictions on voting rights tend to be a Republican project. But testimony in a lawsuit brought by the NAACP and former Attorney General Eric Holder over a redistricting effort led by the Georgia GOP alleges that racially gerrymandered district maps were approved by the then-Democratic caucus leader in Georgia’s legislature, Stacey Abrams — and Abrams’s involvement could upend the effort to have the new district maps thrown out.

Interestingly, I have not once seen anyone ask immigrants to include the ills of African Americans to the current DACA bill, or Jews to include AA’s to the many Holocaust agendas and payouts they’ve received (not to mention Obama gave them $13M in reparations when he was in office but denied reparations for #ADOS). No one has demanded that these and other groups put African Americans who have been systemically disenfranchised, overly policed, economically oppressed; added to their causes or else. Not one black politician has demanded that police be held accountable or pushed a bill to limit their powers (instead they along with the Obama admin, passed blue lives matter laws to protect the police), all while they all have been in lock step denouncing ICE and demanding their heads for the alleged treatment of illegal immigrants. These same people have demanded that African Americans either sit silent once again and allow others to advance from our historic oppression and Civil Rights fight, or that other supposed oppressed groups be included in any form of Reparations that Yvette Carnell and Antonio Moore have fought hard to bring to fruition for #ADOS. I don’t know about you, but I am no one’s mule.

The dumbest thing out of all of this is the attempted and failed connection of #ADOS with republicans…but in reality even if true would be pathetic, what difference would it make if the push for reparations had republican support, would it make it less relevant, or would that mean that those of us who qualify as #ADOS should reject it? Did Cory Booker, Van Jones denounce Prison Reform because of Jahred Kushner’s involvement? Was Eric Holder a sellout when he worked with Rand Paul on Criminal Justice Reform, an issue initially pushed by Paul himself? Should Cory Booker have denounced the War on Drugs initiative because it was co-authored by Rand Paul? These people didn’t raise and eyebrow when Obama awarded right wing war criminal Henry Kissinger, with Distinguished Public Service Award. And please gag me if there is one more think piece or meme created about Michelle Obama and George Bush. Speaking of Bush, all of you who lauded the new African American Museum in DC, should know that the building of that museum was a bill signed by George Bush with liberals (hence the pathetic displays on RHOA, Deray and other tacky shenanigians I’ve heard are on display there). I guess that means that none of you should be attending?

There was also a deafening silence on Micheal Lomax, President of UNCF who joined forces with Charles Koch to raise money for UNCF…should all of the HBCU’s who have received monies from the Koch brothers, be called sellouts and coons? Should they all return the monies given in support of furthering the education of African Americans both at risk students and collegiate level? Or perhaps Talib and his neoliberal “two live” crew of misfits can fund all of these struggling HBCU’s and after school programs…since he says he and his family are so rich.

For years, Georgia-Pacific (a Koch company) supported UNCF’s scholarship programs for HBCU students. At the same time, the Koch family had great success with a high school program they founded for at-risk students called Youth Entrepreneurs. In both instances, education was helping transform lives.

I am still waiting to see this same uproar and push against the Congressional Black Caucus PAC (you know the black elected officials who can actually fight for policy on agendas like reparations, police reform, healthcare, education for #ADOS but instead their entire platform is being used for everything and every group but #ADOS), who takes money from Private Prisons, Big Tobacco, Big Pharma and a host of other companies who’s core business depends on preying on African Americans and the poor. Why hasn’t Talib, Mark, Malveaux, Roland, Reid all fought this loudly and hard against this reality? I know why Rye hasn’t because she was actually working for CBC helping push to forge those relationships.

The New York Times explained that over a five-year period, the CBC Foundation had pulled in $53 million in corporate money from pharmaceutical, financial, telecommunications, and other interests. Little of that cash went to research or scholarships; the lion’s share went to glitzy conventions, golf and casino junkets, and paying off the foundation’s headquarters.

Despite the long history of the Congressional Black Caucus as an un-bought collection of socially conscious leaders, these extreme efforts to buy influence cannot help but have an impact. In recent years, CBC members have joined with Republicans to repeatedly undermine Dodd-Frank financial rules. Others have been accused of shilling for for-profit colleges. Still others formed the backbone of the fight against the (eventually passed) net-neutrality rules.

Anyone who’s attacking Yvette Carnell, Antonio Moore and Sandy Darity by claiming they’re in bed with right wing republicans are either a mental idiot or a complete fraud. And any black person who has co-signed this deranged language are truly the 21st Century Slaves of the Democrat Party. Every other group in America lobbies across the isle with both parties, for me it wouldn’t matter who fought to right the systemic wrongs that have been waged against #ADOS for centuries/decades…what would matter to me are that my people are made whole…and we wonder why we continue to be lead by the same failed leaders and getting the same failed results! It’s embarrassing that so many black people are blindly lead and controlled by democrats; and it’s clear that all it would take is someone with a “D” behind their name and they’d march in lock step to their own execution…which is essentially what black people have done for the past 50yrs by voting for a party who demands our votes, pipeline to prison our children, mass incarcerate our men, manipulate our women and gentrify our spaces!

Lastly, to all of my PanAfrican brothers and sisters (I have no issue with your beliefs, just stop trying to sabotage #ADOS because theirs doesn’t align with yours) perhaps you would be better served if you directed your anger towards the two Democrats in Congress who just returned Rep. Ilhan Omar’s donations, one of whom was Democrats darling and Soros/AIPAC puppet, Rep. Lucy McBath…you all remember her, one of Hillary’s so-called “Mothers of the Movement”.

Campaign Donations from Ilhan Omar rejected by at least 2 Dems. Rep. Lucy McBath, D-Ga., also rejected Omar’s $2,000 donation that was made March 27. McBath was one of two Democrats in Congress who did not disclose the contributions made by the Minnesota congresswoman in their quarterly fundraising reports. Members of McBath’s campaign, however, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution they didn’t disclose the donation because they’d decided to reject it.

FYI: I wrote a blog last year telling everyone who Lucy McBath was…there was NOTHING on her platform specifically for ADOS, but she made sure to campaign for DACA, LGBTQ, women’s rights (translation, white women’s rights) and Israel…now you know why she returned Omar’s donation, not to mention that she was heavily funded by AIPAC and Sorors.

Moral of the story is, if only this much anger was levied towards black elected officials who are clearly owned and operated by white liberals and AIPAC, the way those of you who have came out in mass against Carnell, Moore and Darity…imagine the amount of power and change we as a people would have and see! It’s time for us all to wake up from the political mind control and manipulation that we continue to allow, how much longer will you be the political mules of others agendas and the outright slaves for Democrats? #Tangibles2020 #Reparations #ADOS

Newsflash: Being Pro Black/Pro ADOS, does not make us anti immigrant, anymore than being critical of Dems makes us/anyone pro republican. I despise both parties with the same amount of venom and distrust.

From Russia With Love,

Charlie Peach🍑

World Traveler, Unbossed & Unbought: Independent & Critical Thinker, Informer NOT Conformer! No Democrat/ No GOP- #DemExit — Unapologetically BLACK!

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