How Does “Crime Bill” Joe Biden Be Forgiven, but Stacey Dash is Being Trashed? #PoliticsIsNotASport

Stacey Dash on DailyMailTV (Credit: screenshot)

Dear Black people, to say that I’m shocked at the level of attacks that Stacey Dash is currently receiving online, would be a lie. It’s actually par for the course when it comes to how Black people approach politics. The very notion of anyone Black not giving their life to the Democrat Party, they are instantly attacked and labeled a Coon or worse.

However, it is alarming and pathetic to see the many Black people who are piling on to attack her for asking for an apology, when many (if not most) of these very same people had no issue forgiving the many crimes against Black people that Joe Biden has wielded for decades. Black people proudly stood in line and voted in lock step for a man who has repeated his disdain and racism against Black people over his 47+ year time in politics.

I am confused with the many White people who have left the Republican Party and are welcomed with open arms by the Democratic Party and by Black people as a whole. Nicole Wallace, Ana Navarro, Joe Scarborough, David Brock, to name a few, and all of these people are paid millions by democrats and/or your favorite corporate media outlets (CNN & MSNBC) for their lies and propaganda.

David Brock, literally lied in his attempts to destroy Anita Hill…even wrote a best selling book to do so. Yet Hillary Clinton and Democrats got in bed with him as their online attack dog in 2016, and he quickly became the darling of the Democratic Party machine.

Anna Navarro’s father was the head of the Contra Guerrilla death squads in Nicaragua, who was funded by Bush Sr.’s CIA, he mass killed and terrorized hundreds of thousands and later was allowed (via Bush) to move his family to Florida with their stolen wealth. That is the only reason Ana isn’t just another poor immigrant. Ana worked with the Bush’s and is a staunch racist (though she plays otherwise on TV). Her family are known slumlords in Miami, they have also been accused of not paying their employees decent wages in their hotel businesses. And even with all of these facts, she’s lauded daily on The View and social media by democrats.

Nicole Wallace who worked for Bush/Cheney and whose administration was behind some of the most hideous crimes against humanity, now has been washed clean of all of her past deeds because she hated the fact that Trump did not represent the war criminals that she and other GOP/DEMs profit from. Wallace also worked for John McCain’s campaign and was responsible for the rise of Sarah Palin, but when she saw the train wreck that was happening and after they lost; she ran to distance herself from the carnage. Wallace was so hated by McCain after she publicly bashed his campaign for profit, that she was not invited to his funeral.

Now both of these women are lauded on liberal platforms and given millions in salaries as though their past racist deeds never happened. And Black people watch them both with glee, and there has never been an online attack to denounce them or their media platforms/or shows that they represent.

It is shameful that Black people pledge their entire lives to the Democratic Party, and will do all that they can to help them destroy any Black person that does not offer up their first born and pledge their entire lives to them. I am not a fan of the political Stacey Dash of old, but who am I/we to say what’s in her heart or mind. I also have no idea what she said in the past, nor do I care…because there is nothing that she has ever said or done, that even comes close to what Biden and the democrats have done to African Americans with their racist Crime Bill and a plethora of other bills and actions that has almost erased the Black community as a whole.

Democrats are enjoying watching the attacks against Stacey, they know that they own our votes and loyalty. The idea that Black people voted in mass for the man who single handedly wrote and pushed the crime bill that destroyed millions of Black families, is a testament to our political ignorance and shame.

As Black people we are so predictable in how we vote and how we treat other Black people who don’t vote Blue No Matter Who. Yet we wonder why our communities have been left behind. We submerge ourselves in token labels of firsts Black this and that etc., as though any of the people they’re elevating really gives a damn about the community at large. Every Black face that Democrats have elevated are tokens for the democrats racist agendas that further oppresses and destroys the Black community at large. Their platforms are always replete with the same agendas (LGBTQ, Israel, ICE, DACA), yet none of them ever have anything on their platforms that speak specifically for African Americans.

Stacey Abrams has been elevated to hero status, for supposedly saving the country. Yet Abrams has only been elevated because of her obedience and support of white liberals agendas. As a Georgia State Representative, Abrams refused to put her name on any legislation that was for or about African Americans. Yet she pushed LGBTQ, and many other liberal policies ad nauseam. She also worked with the GOP Governor to pass laws that she knew would harm Black people, but these particular laws were ok with the Democrat Party’s agendas. Abrams is also known for her push for LGBTQ causes, yet she hides her partner, a White woman that she lives with. Now you really know why White liberals and Hollywood loves her.

Democrats allow White people to go back and forth between parties with ease, they elect politicians who vote lockstep with the GOP, and laughingly call them DINO’s (Democrats In Name Only). However, they have never allowed a Black person to dare do the same without unabashed attacks or complete destruction for doing so. Senators Joe Manchin (one of many), who is lovingly called a Conservative Democrat, is known for his votes with the GOP, yet when Vernon Jones a former Black State Representative from Georgia, announced he was backing Trump last year, he was destroyed by the Democratic Party and attacked by Black community for doing so.

The Democratic Party will never respect us when we continue to prove to them that we are their loyal lap dogs, willing to destroy our own to save their honor and white supremacy. It appears that no matter what they do to us, we either make excuses for their wrong doings or we ignore them all together.

It’s clear why democrats had no problem putting $750 million dollars for police into their lame George Floyd Act, and making up lame reforms like banning choke holds, that was already in place in many states.

They clearly take us all for fools…but somehow Stacey Dash is the real enemy for Black people!!!!

Lastly, If politics is a sport, this is one sport that we as Black people have never learned to play!

From Russia With Love,

Charlie Peach🍊

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