Ice Cube “A Contract With Black America”…Our Ancestors Are Finally Proud!!! #ADOS

This is not one of my normal blogs but more of a caption of various stories that were written by me and various media outlets. I have compiled these stories, videos and clips to show the outright lies and hypocrisy of the Democrat machine and its paid Black celebrity gatekeepers, who have been sent out in mass to silence and corral any Black dissension or thought. Over the last several days there has been a cacophony of noise sent out to silence the voice of Ice Cube for daring to stand alone against the Democratic Machine and its sold out Black Celebrities and Black media mouthpieces. There has been a loud noise of Black women/feminists crying foul that Black men would somehow dare not vote for Joe Biden (Author of the 1994 Crime Bill that lead to Mass Incarceration).

These women are leading a charge to berate Black men for not getting on code. They are complaining about the percentage of Black men who voted for Trump in 2016 and how that number may grow this election. None of these Black women have ever uttered that many Black men are not eligible to vote because of Joe Biden’s & Democrats Crime Bill and other incentives that he himself put into place to ensure that Black men were a permanent underclass. Many Black people don’t know or remember that Bill Clinton literally executed a mentally retarded Black man in order to get right wingers to vote for him as president. It’s clear that no matter what lie the democrats tell, or what egregious thing they do, Black people will always ignore them. It is so shameful that in 2020, we are still allowing ourselves to be used by voting emotionally, rather than strategically.

Watch Joe Biden say that he is not ashamed of the 1994 Crime Bill and brags that he also wrote the bill.

Joe Biden says that he is NOT ashamed of the 1994 Crime Bill

I am ashamed at the many voices of Black women whose only agendas have been to sit at the feet of white supremacy. They know that Black men have suffered greatly in this country, from slavery, Jim Crow, Mass Incarceration…yet rather than admit those facts, they lie with ahistorical rhetoric and condemnation…they rally with White women complaining about patriarchy, when Black men and White men are not equal in any aspect when it comes to economics or power in the world, let alone the USA.

These same Black women will also ignore the fact that the real power dynamics within the Black family/community, is that of the Matriarch. It also true that Black women being placed as the head of Black families was never by accident nor was it by the choice of Black men. The Democrats made sure to offer welfare that required that there be no man within the household, Joe Biden’s crime bill also demanded that felons were no longer able to come back to those family homes once released from prison, or else lose your public housing assistance.

Watch Ice Cube on CNN’s Chris Cuomo Show after Cuomo originally canceled him.

Toure who barely escaped accusations of sexual assault during the 5mins of #MeToo movement, has the audacity to tell Black people who their leader is or is not. The irony of that alone is astounding, does that mean that Toure is in a position to determine who has power to talk on the behalf of Black people to make this declaration? Toure isn’t even married to a Black woman but he feels that he has the right to attack Ice Cube for advocating for Black people. Jonathan Capehart, who’s male partner is white has been all over the anti Cube and Black men slander. Don Lemon who’s married to a white man has also been very vocal.

Image courtesy of Boyce Watkins

Meanwhile WAP Cardi B can literally meet and interview Biden without any pushback, along with a plethora of other rappers and Black celebrities (try to ignore her Edward Scissorhands disgusting claws/nails in the video below).

Lizzo can twerk for votes with half of her ass out and that’s perfectly fine per Black Hollywood and the Black sellout misleadership class…but Ice Cube! Naked Black strippers can do adds telling Black people to get out to vote…but Ice Cube!

I wrote “Meeting Trump” in 2016

“Please note that these stories are an attempt to show the loud and wrong LIES that are being pedaled about Ice Cube’s meeting with the Trump Administration”…We all know that it wouldn’t matter who chose to meet with Trump, Black people and their Black Blue Check gatekeeper pundits and sold out Black celebrities, would ALL have a collective fit…because Massa pays them well to keep Black people enraged and chained to the Democratic Party’s Plantation of lies and misinformation. I’ve been saying ad nauseam that Black people are the “only” group of people who are NOT allowed our own autonomy and thought when it comes to politics. You can be a white democrat who votes with republicans (DINO), but how dare any Black person not give their entire life to democrats…we wouldn’t want negroes to get any ideas, now would we!!!

“Just think, had Trump not passed the First Step Act and listened to Kamala Harris, Hakeem Jeffries, John Lewis and others…these Black Men would still be languishing in prison”…but Vote Blue No Matter Who”

I wrote the below story in 2018 for those who’re saying why is Trump just now doing anything for Black people.

Watch KAMALA HARRIS say during her presidential campaign, that she will NOT do anything that is going to specifically benefit Black people…you can fast forward to 1:44 also.

I wrote the below in story in 2019

Roland is demanding that no one should meet with a candidate after an election to demand anything (the very thing that Joe Biden’s campaign told Ice Cube to do and that he slammed Cube for not accepting)…bloop! Now Roland is trashing Cube and mad that he chose to meet with the Trump Administration/Campaign about his plan, after offering it to both camps to discuss, and only the Trump campaign asking to meet with him and also adopting parts of his Contract With Black America Plan “CWBA Plan” with their Platinum Plan. We should never forget that Roland Martin fell from white liberals grace when he embarrassed Hillary after being exposed for giving her answers to a debate. They weren’t mad that it was wrong and corrupt, they were only mad that he made her look bad and caused her enormous backlash…for those of you who are saying why Cube is just now coming up with a plan is laughable, did you ask BLM what have they been doing with the 100’s of millions they received during Obama administration to combat police brutality? Why have we not seen any of that money on the ground to other grassroots organizations instead of all of the founders getting rich rich from it? Why are we just now seeing people rioting in the streets when murders of Black men didn’t just start under Trump? Was seeing a Black child, Tamir Rice playing on a playground murdered by police not enough to start a revolution? Why wait until a presidential election year for them to get angry? Or was not part of Sorors’ agenda to elevate the murder of an innocent Black boy but that of someone like Floyd better fit his ultimate agenda? Or was the real reason because Tamir’s mother wouldn’t allow the democrat party to use her son’s murder for political gain?

Meanwhile as Black people are once again told to get to the back of the bus and wait our turns, Latino’s and illegal immigrants are being lauded and lifted up by Democrats. In 2016 there was not one Black candidate that was endorsed by the Democrat Establishment, that had anything on their platforms that spoke to issues specific to African Americans. However, you could go to everyone of their websites and they all recited the same mantra of ending ICE, defending DACA, protecting Israel, Women’s Rights (White Women’s Rights)and LGBTQ. It didn’t matter what the various issues were that were affecting the Black communities that they all were campaigning in, they collectively were actually campaigning for the establishment and nothing more. None of these people said a word when Stacey Abrams got in bed with racist Michael Bloomberg, to the tune of $5million. No one has said a word that Bloomberg is putting 100’s of millions into the DNC.

Also for those of you complaining that Ice Cube waited until the last minute to present a plan, that’s a lie.

Newsflash: Joe Biden didn’t have a plan until he was pushed recently to present one. Ice Cube has been working on this for over a year, don’t be mad that CNN & MSNBC have refused to report on it, or that Black sold out media has as well.

You would think that a party that receives the Black vote in such large percentages would already have a plan. You would also think that a man who literally wrote the crime bill that lead to mass incarceration and the untold destruction of the Black community, and is now running for POTUS, would have also had a plan long before now to reverse the mass destruction that his bill caused.

Our so-called Black leaders and Black Celebrity class have allowed the democrats to use Black people for decades with no intent on giving us anything in return…now illegal immigrants are the largest minority, and unlike Black people, they do not give their votes to one party. We will see an all out courtship from the democrat party for their votes, the likes you have never seen before.

Biden has professed his first 100 days to undoing the Trump administration’s immigration policies (psst, don’t pay attention to the fact that Obama Administration of which he was VP, had the most drastic deportation of any president before them…garnering Obama the name “Deporter & Chief). Interestingly, he has not planned within in his first 100 days to undo his draconean Crime Bill and the devastations that it has placed on the Black community for the last 40 years. But don’t you negroes worry, Massa Biden will get back to you after the campaign and let you know exactly what he plans to do for you.

Biden has also stated that LGBTQ rights will be his “top” legislative priority…if my memory serves me correctly, wasn’t LGBTQ rights the major priority of the Obama Administration?

Tone Talks interviews Ice Cube below…

It is past time for Black people to stop being controlled and/or owned by one party when it comes to our votes. We do not owe the democrats a damn thing, and getting Trump out of office is not my agenda, nor should it be that of Black people.

From Russia With Love,

Charlie Peach🍑

Note: To my cousin Phoebe, thank you for always being a voice of reasoning and a soundboard of sanity in this ever changing world of disinformation. Love you!

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