If Omarosa should’ve Exposed Trump, so should #MeToo White Women with Weinstein…

It’s insulting watching Conservatives and Liberals condemning Omarosa and saying that she should have stopped Trump and/or exposed him before now. However, the same people have no problem uplifting and supporting the plethora of white women who ALLOWED themselves to be used by Weinstein for fame and money, and never said a word for decades. Most (if not all) of these women knew that Weinsten was a sexual predators, and had no problem with his predatory behavior as long as it yielded them access, fame, and money. These women are said to be mourned and uplifted, women who could have stopped Weinstein long ago, women who could have saved other women their supposed pain. Yet now Omarosa going to work for Trump and knowing that he said the N-word, is somehow the biggest crime of the century. Omarosa is called a traitor, but these women are heroes for coming forward after they have all gotten rich and famous…this is beyond insulting and laughable.

And to the many people who are questioning why Omarosa was hired, she was hired because she was qualified. I am sick of watching the president and both liberals and conservatives refer to her as though she was some uneducated and unqualified grifter that was picked up at the local employment office and given a chance. What’s pathetic is that most people are too lazy to do a simple google search on her background.

Her reality television persona has nothing to do with her background and qualifications, in fact it was her educational background that originally landed her on the Apprentice. Omarosa holds a Bachelors in Broadcast Journalism from Central State University a Masters Degree from Howard University, where she also worked towards her Ph.D..

The same liberals who have mocked and attacked Omarosa are the same ones who have been praising and uplifting Stripper, Stormy Daniels to newfound fame and fortune…a white woman they thought would bring Trump down (Omarosa may hold that title). Stormy Daniels, who was given a key to the city by Hollywood liberals, and has also been cast for the upcoming Celebrity Big Brother. But Omarosa’s credibility is being questioned. What credentials do Stormy Daniels have that extends beyond her being a stripper?

So, the reality is that it’s ok for white people to make money telling their stories and siting behind network desks, but how dare Omarosa a Black woman think she can do the same. It was distasteful watching Gayle King today ask Omarosa if she had a personal/sexual relationship with Trump…a question she said she asked because that was what she had heard, Omarosa should have asked her if she were sleeping with Oprah since that’s the word on the street about her. These people have lost their minds, that also includes April Ryan with her pathetic and unprofessional tweet telling Omarosa to keep her name out of her mouth.

And for all of you attacking her and saying she’s kicked out of the Black family, you’re all sad and many of you were all to happy to accept Super Predator Hillary after her dangerous words, and her husbands policies literally erased an entire generation of Black people.

You also are some of the same people who constantly praise(d) Obama when his policies saw the largest transfer of wealth to the 1% in history, and the biggest loss of wealth for Black people, as he bailed out his Wall Street buddies. So, miss me with the faux outrage about who Omarosa chose to work for.

As for Omarosa being wrong for taping Kelly, if anyone is liable and should have their clearance revoked or charged, it’s General Kelly for taking Omarosa into the so-called White House Situation Room in the first place. Did he follow proper protocol for taking her into that room? Did he not make sure she was not carrying a phone, or any other restrictions for entering? Does he not have an office of his own to use to fire her in? What most people chose to overlook was that John Kelly was actually threatening Omarosa, and yet the spin coming out of the White House, also on the right and the left is that Omarosa is in trouble for taping a conversation in a secured location, and questioning her credentials to be hired in the first place.

Omarosa’s crime is that she successfully created a job for herself that paid the highest salary possible, equal to that of the Chief of Staff. I’m sure that Kelly’s real problem was coming on board and learning that a n*gga was making as much as he, and one who ultimately didn’t report to him, nor could he control.

Lastly, to my Black family, why are we so quick to say that we are throwing away another Black person when they don’t follow lock step with democrats? Ask yourselves, do you ever see white people disowning their own? Liberal white people claimed to have wanted George Bush’s head on a silver platter when he was in office, but now he’s one of their favorite presidents. White latino republican’s like Ana Navarro are the New Democrats favorites, even though she supported all of Bush’s war crimes and economic crash. There are a plethora of white republican’s that are now lauded by democrats just because the right republican for them isn’t in the White House. White people will attack their opposing views of another white person, but you will never see them tell them they’re no longer a part of the club.

This blind loyalty and emotional rhetoric we engage in when someone does not agree with our views, is really embarrassing and sad. I’ve said many times, it’s only Black people who show the world we’re controlled by group think, and we wonder why our communities are in such disrepair and oppression, or why we can’t get democrats to forge the same type of protests against the police as they are now doing against ICE.

From Russia With Love,

Charlie Peach

World Traveler, Unbossed & Unbought: Independent & Critical Thinker, Informer NOT Conformer! No Democrat/ No GOP- #DemExit — Unapologetically BLACK!