Joy Reid is a Tool for Democrats, and Nicki Minaj was Not Wrong…#IStandWithNicki

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While I’ve never been a fan of any rap music and could not tell you one song that Nicki sings, I do know for a fact that she did not say or do anything wrong. Joy Reid deserved every negative word hurled against her. She and her fanbase have taken great pride over the last few years in attacking any Black person who has not bent over backwards for the Democrat Party.

Joy Reid and the entire Liberal media and Democrat politicians were all anti-vaccine when Trump was in office. The same vaccine that they’re pushing now is the exact same ones that were initiated under Trump, nothing changed since then other than the occupant in the White House. Joy tweeted less than a year ago that “who on God’s earth would trust a vaccine approved by the FDA?, and who would ever fully trust the CDC?”. Yet her attack on Nicki was that she should be ashamed in sowing doubt to the Black community. Joy did a cover story to cover her a$$ on her past tweets and everyone bought it…when in actuality all of this is political and the Democrats were the architects.

All Hail the Queen for rightfully dragging Joy’s hypocrisy

Watching so many Black people boldly and blatantly attacking Nicki has been interesting if not pathetic. So many claimed that she’s had time to do her research on COVID and its vaccines. However, the reality is that none of these people have done their research because if they had, Fauci would be the last person they would be listening to. The left wing media had an all out brigade against Trump and the vaccine when he was in office, but now feign ignorance and arrogance towards those who are somehow still skeptical of it.

The above clown, Brooklyn Dad_Defiant is a paid shill for democrats propaganda. They pay him a fortune to tweet all day in favor of democrats and to attack the GOP. After he was recently exposed for being a fraud, twitter honored him with a blue check. A quick review of someone who goes by @DefiantLs twitter page, and you will find a plethora of interesting tweets from democrats who all were adamantly against the vaccine when Trump was in office.

The Black community and the Black LGBTQ communities are dealing with high impacts of HIV/AIDS, yet they seem oblivious to the criminality of Fauci’s roll when it came to that study and AIDS vaccine. It didn’t take long for all of the “paid” slave catchers to all gather to attack Nicki, because it’s their jobs to ensure that Black people stay loyal and dumb to all that Democrat Party says or does that has adversely affected the Black community at large.

The loudest noise has came from those looking to mock Nicki for her retelling of a story about a friend of her cousin who reportedly had taken the vaccine and became impotent because of it. The reality is that there is NO drug or vaccine that does not come with side affects and for any health official to claim that they somehow know for a fact that any of the COVID vaccines could not possibly cause swollen testicles and erectile disfunction is a lie. Pfizer’s own revelation about viagra, came about after pushing it as a hypertension drug. It wasn’t until men who were experiencing erectile dysfunction but were prescribed viagra for their high blood pressure, did they realize that viagra was better used for erectile disfunction…and has sense made Pfizer billions for the mistake.

Then there’s those who rant about Nicki’s husbands supposed issues with sexual assault and/or rape (neither of which I have the desire or knowledge to opine on), but these same people just voted for Biden the architect of Mass Incarceration, who’s also been accused multiple times of sexual assault and/or rape. These same people also ignored the Ed Buck story where the wealthy White and gay Democrat donor, was just convicted of the drugging and murdering of several gay black men. Their lives didn’t matter because they were black and poor, and more importantly because people like Congressman Ted Lieu, Congressman Adam Shiff and even Hillary Clinton, all lauded Buck for decades as he showered them with money to look the other way.

To not be undone with this moment to attack and malign those who are unvaccinated, Don Lemon is trending because he was not going to allow Joy to have all of the spotlight alone, especially since both of their trash platforms are failing.

Don Lemon who’s openly gay and married to a White man, says that people who are unvaccinated should be shamed and ostracized, should that shaming also apply to the LGBTQ community that he’s a part of when it comes to AIDS/HIV? These people know the risks, yet they continue their risky behavior…should they not be allowed medical treatment as well? Are these people taking up needed beds and medical attention that could go to the hallowed COVID patients who have already taken the vaccine but shockingly have COVID anyway, or to someone who’s health issues were not predicated on their risky sexual behavior?

If that weren’t enough of the hypocrisy when attacking Nicki about her husband, none of these people have said a word when California just passed a law that allowed convicted sexual predators to not be labeled sex offenders if their victims ages were within 10yrs of the predator…this outrageous law, was supposedly put in place so that LGBTQ offenders could get a pass because they somehow are not predators but people who are attracted to children….but let’s keep this story going about Nicki and her husband.

The California State Assembly this week voted to revise the state’s penal code that regulates the registration of sex offenders by passing SB-145. The revision of the bill would allow pedophiles to not be registered on the sex offender list as long as they are not 10 years older than the minor they were convicted of molesting.

A new movement to normalize pedophilia, MAPs “minor-attracted persons” or NOMAPs or “Non-Offending Minor Attracted Persons” has emerged, which has caused concern among the gay community.

According to Gay Star News, “Many on social media are warning LGBTI people and allies to be wary of the MAPs flag during Pride season. Additionally, many also called out the problematic nature of using a term like ‘minor attracted persons’ to normalize pedophilia.”

These same people attacking Nicki and her husband, chose to ignore the accusations of rape against Charmalagne the God. Charmalagne has been rewarded for his bowing to Democrats, even after the disturbing comments on his show by Joe Biden…”if you don’t vote for me, you ain’t Black”. I also found Toure’s attacks against Nicki to be laughable when he’s been accused of sexual harassment but because he’s such a good lapdog, they allowed him a pass. I’m sure part of his penance is to stay loyal and repeat whatever bogus propaganda that democrats/liberals demand from him.

Toure has been on a nonstop rant to attack Nicki but he did the very same thing when he jumped in on the Surviving R. Kelly bandwagon (and NO, I am not defending R. Kelly) in order to garner clicks and attention to his pathetic platform. Toure used some of the same defense that Cuomo used, when trying to deny the claims of sexual assault. Nicki was right, these clowns are paid operatives for the Democrat Party.

Then we have this last joke, where people are mocking and attacking Nicki because she dared retweet right winger, Tucker Carlson’s tweet/video that defended her. Yet these same people have retweeted racist Liz Cheney (welcomed her on their shows) , the FBI and anyone else on the right that pretended to hate Trump for a check. Malcolm Nance whose own career has been discredited, is lauded for being a former spy/CIA.

Joy Reid and her ilk all got in bed with the Lincoln Project the racist neocons that formed to rally against Trump, who’s founder was later accused of sexually harassing over 21 young men looking to get into politics. The Lincoln Project like all of the neocons who went against Trump, only did so because he didn’t represent their neocon agendas and most like Liz Cheney voted for or supported anything that was related to war that Trump pedaled.

A quick google search will show you the many times that Joy Reid and Rachel Maddow have praised racist warmonger Liz Cheney. Cheney who’s father should be in prison for war crimes. Then there’s the lefts love for both neocon racists, Ana Navarro and Nicole Wallace. Navarro, who’s father was the head of the Nicaraguan Guerrilla Contras that robbed, raped and pillaged that country under then CIA head George Bush Sr…and Nicole Wallace who elevated Sarah Palin and supported mass wars for the GOP’s war machine.

The entire hypocrisy of Democrats, and the ignorance and pathetic blindness of Black people when it comes to their undying loyalty to these people is dumbfounding. Joy Reid and all of her blue check followers and Black loyalists, chose Nicki’s conversation to her fans to be outraged about. Joy ranted that Nicki was hurting “our” community by not telling Black people by not telling them to take the vaccine, yet the real threat that’s killing “our” community is obesity (which is a main factor in COVID related deaths per “the science”, and the lack of quality healthcare. It’s shocking to me that anyone would believe that the US Government actually cares about your health when they refuse to provide basic healthcare for those in need. The same Black people who protested all last year about systemic racism and how it affected quality healthcare for Black people, now want you to believe that they now care about the collective of our needs when it comes to COVID. The same government who turns its back on the plethora of homeless citizens across this country, now cares about getting you a vaccine.

Love this brothers twitter page…

Joy Reid and her sycophant followers were loud and proud attacking Nicki Minaj while ignoring the real threats of rap culture to Black people like that of Lil Nas X, Cardi B, Meghan the Stallion and others like them. Cardi B., a woman who can barely string two words together to make a coherent sentence, but was allowed to interview Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden during their presidential bids. A woman who wrote a song called WAP (Wet A$$ P*ssy), who also bragged about drugging, robbing and rapping straight black men…while using transgenders to do so.

None of these issues are something that Joy Reid would shout about from her liberal tower of propaganda, because anything that aides in the degradation of Black people is exactly what keeps her pockets lined…and the entire agenda of the Democrat Party and their globalist agendas.

Democrats have used the constant banana in the tailpipe of “racism” anytime they need to distract and enrage Black people. This lie they’re pedaling now to claim that those who are vaccine hesitant are all right wingers is insulting and mind-boggling, when their own “believe the scientists” have said that it is the Black community that is least vaccinated. Yet we all know that they can’t attack their most loyal minions, so they feed them distractions and lies about racism to keep them enraged and blinded to the truth.

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There is something wrong when the entire world stops to attack a rapper because she made a comment about not being vaccinated, even though she made it clear that she would be getting vaccinated either way. I guess Believe Black Women is no different than BLM, neither of those matter unless they’re parroting the Democrats agendas, lies and propaganda.

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