Kim Kardashian Meeting Trump On Prison Reform Is Black America’s Fault…

The mockery of Kim Kardashian pretending to care about Prison Reform or trying to recreate her endless plastic surgeries into yet another morphed creation of a humanitarian was laughable. When President Trump hosted a Prison Reform Summit a few weeks ago at the White House (Van Jones was the moderator), where was Kim and her advocacy, better yet where were the Congressional Black Caucus?

Friday’s summit reached across the aisle. “As you know, I’m on the left side of Pluto,” said Van Jones, an cable news commentator and former Obama White House adviser who moderated a discussion at the White House Friday.

“But one thing I know is that it’s one of these strange issues that the more people engage on it, the more stupidity they see in the system. The more we can get the Trump White House and the Republican party to engage in this issue at all, the more progress we’ll make,” Jones said. “And then I think more reform leads to more reform.”

However, I’m sure that CNN nor MSNBC chose to give it any major coverage, God forbid that Trump is shown in any way positive or especially doing something that counters the constant narrative to keep us divided and angry. What’s interesting about this summit is that Rapper Meek Mills was suppose to attend but backed out at the last minute. TMZ later reported that Mills backed out after receiving a phone call from Jay Z and other high profiled African Americans, telling him that it would not be good for ‘HIS’ career to meet with Trump (damn the thousands of Black people that this summit was suppose to help). It’s disheartening that Meek Mills chose to not attend something that could potentially help others who don’t share the fame and celebrity support that he did. I was pushing for Mills because his case was a classic case of a justice system gone rogue, but if he were worried about his image, then being filmed leaving prison and whisked away in black cars and private helicopters was the first thing he should have refused.

Mills has since denied that it was Jay Z who convinced him to not attend but I personally don’t believe it. As African Americans we can continue to allow Black celebrities, Black ‘elites’ and Black politicians to not engage the president and his administration on our behalf (what they’re elected to do), then we can not be upset when caricatures like Kim Kardashian uses our issues as props for their agendas. There is no reason that people like John Lewis, Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris, Corey Booker and the rest of the loud mouthed do-nothing Black mis-leadership crew, and the CBC aren’t willing to engage Trump on Prison Reform.

We don’t have to like to Trump or anything that he stands for, but Black people are lost and completely brain washed if you think democrats and celebrities give a damn about changing the conditions of African America, when all are profiting from our demise and ignorance. Politics are not a team sport, and if it were, please look around your communities and tell me who’s winning! The areas that democrats haven’t gentrified, they’ve purposely allowed the fall of schools, recreational spaces, decent groceries stores and all other services and support to keep a community thriving. The continued high fiving and moments of elation because we deem an upper hand on some symbolic gesture is killing us. We need real reform and change, and allowing one party to manipulate what is done on our behalf based on who’s in office is criminal.

Van Jones is now managed under the ROC Nation label (let that sink in), essentially Van thinks that Jay Z’s company can make him a rock star when it comes to activism. Van Jones was the former Obama Administration Green Jobs Czar, who was thrown out of the White House after less than a year for offending conservatives…much like Obama got rid of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, he was not going to let no negroes deter his ability to appease the right and stay in power. I hope that Van Jones, who’s married to former President Jimmy Carter’s niece, is sincere in his efforts and activism; I won’t be holding my breath though. Black people and our fight for justice have become a cash cow for far too many over the past 8 years, people like Deray McKesson and Shaun King have gained both celebrity and wealth off the backs of dead black men, women and children.

It was just exposed that Shaun King has a PAC that focuses on the Justice System and Prison Reform, and that he was given $650,000 by Facebook’s co-founder’s wife, this was one of many donations he’s received.

Was Shaun King at this summit, and if not, why not? It’s shameful that in the video clip below; I saw only three black people in a room with Trump while he discussed his plans on Criminal Justice Reform.

We all know that Trump is an egomaniac but if using that knowledge to pat him on the back, helps ease the conditions of prisoners, or brings about some form of Prison Reform then every democrat (especially those who are still in office and signed that horrible Crime Bill), should be knocking down his door to do what it takes to get it done.

Below is the fraud and propaganda that liberal media outlets like CNN have become. Though I find Kim Kardashian’s agenda to be questionable; I will accept any gesture of reform that comes from it. However, allowing liberal media to control what and who is relevant based on their positions on Trump is killing us. During the Obama administration, Hollywood celebrities were a constant in the White House, and John Legend and his constant attention seeking naked wife, are no better than Kanye and Kim.

As Black people, we have to learn that if we’re not at the table, then we are most certainly on the menu…every other group of people have grasp this simple fact and have used it to their benefit, but we’re too busy allowing distractions about words and moments of temporary gratification to cloud our views and ultimately our power.

From Russia With Love,

Charlie Peach

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