Liberal Media and the Left’s Hypocrisy Over the Trump Administration and COVID!

I am beyond over the constant hypocrisy of those on the left as it relates to all things Trump. The 24/7 bullhorn from those on the left about Trump and conservatives not wearing masks and/or social distancing is beyond insulting. The added derangement with many now saying that Trump could not possibly have been inside Walter Reed Hospital with COVID and still be able to sit at a desk and give a shout out to the American people, is laughable. These very same people, and members of liberal media who are pedaling this conspiracy theory, had no problem believing that Chris Cuomo had COVID (and per his own words, he was so ill and in so much pain, riddled with 103 degree fever and having hallucinations of his dead father (eye roll)) and that he was still somehow miraculously able to conduct his nightly show from his basement as though nothing was wrong.

This was the beginning of the scam by liberals to get people conditioned and ready to accept being locked down…because if Chris could have COVID and be locked down as his brother the Governor of NY calls for mass lockdowns, then no one should complain.

And as predicted no one complained or questioned whether Chris actually had COVID, or how he was able to continue working with the horrible symptoms that he himself described. Instead he was showered with daily praise, well wishes and nightly heroism as his brother often playfully accompanied him on his show. It was even exposed that Chris and his family had lied about their own quarantine and was seen in the Hampton’s outside of their new multi-million dollar home that was being built, without wearing masks or any form of social distancing from the construction crew that was on site. Per the older man who recognized him while riding his bike, Cuomo threatened him after he realized that he had been seen outside of his supposed quarantine. All of this as his brother the Governor, demanded the entire state locked down.

It seems that Trump couldn’t possibly be sick with COVID and still be able to do his regular duties, or a basic video recording to the public. I was no fan of Trump deciding to take a ride to ensure his supporters that he was okay, but it’s also ignorant to say that he is endangering his Secret Service when in fact they are not allowed to ever leave his side no matter what. Dan Rather took to twitter to bash Trump and to claim that he was faking signing a document for the cameras. Liberal media can’t contain themselves as they rally to bash the president’s doctor because he made the grave mistake in not bolstering their agendas, or feeding them the gloomy stories they need to feed their base.

It amazes me how little people know and grasp about anything outside of their little bubbles, or what’s being fed to them by their favorite news outlets. Liberal media and those pedaling these stories do so because they feel that all of us are stupid and willing to accept anything that they say and do as it relates to President Trump. CNN after all, gave Trump over a billion dollars in free media exposure in 2016 as a gift to Hillary Clinton (Pied Piper Strategy), assuming that his elevation would eliminate any of the other supposed real competitors on the GOP side. This is the exact opposite of what they have been doing since she lost, the 24/7 anti Trump news networks should alarm anyone who’s not too brainwashed to see that we’re all being played for fools. Watching GOP pundits like Nicole Wallace claiming to hate all that Trump stands for (after her role with Sarah Palin and John McCain), is beyond laughable. If anyone doesn’t grasp the power and control of the media after their role in 2016 or their role in elevating the lies of the Bush administration leading us into war with Iraq, then you clearly don’t want to acknowledge the truth about those you favor and support. I’m old enough to remember when George Bush was the anti-Christ, now after hugging Michelle Obama and giving her candy during McCain’s funeral, he has now been elevated to sainthood.

No one batted an eye when Jay Z and Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter) were seen last month in the Hampton’s taking a stroll with no masks or social distancing. Jay Z also seemed to have no concern with having Jack around his children with no masks as they cruised around in a yacht. Rich people seem to be the only people who are actually immuned. I’ve seen countless celebrities going about their daily lives on vacations and otherwise, with no care or concern but will post 24/7 about the antics of Trump and/or his administration.

It is also a joke and an insult to pretend that the mass amounts of national protests that have occurred since May (with people clearly not social distancing and many not wearing masks), were all somehow immune to either catching the disease are being super spreaders because of it. No one should be this politically blind to ignore how unbelievable that was/is. However, those on the left are crying foul because Trump chose to ride in a hermetically sealed vehicle with his secret service, all while wearing a mask…the masks that they proclaim save lives.

Celebrities Tom & Rita Hanks deciding to obtain Greek citizenship, as they fled California’s lockdown mandates without being quarantined upon arrival, was the height of hypocrisy. Liberal media said nothing of the below photo of them with the Prime Minister of Greece and his wife, as they smiled showing off their new passports, with no masks or social distancing. Liberal media would never trash them for their lack of masks or social distancing because after all, they were escaping bad Trump. If you remember, the Hanks were the original Hollywood liberal celebrities who claimed to have gotten COVID while working in Australia. The were given the infamous Hydroxychloroquine at the time that supposedly saved their lives, that was until bad Trump made speaking positively about Hydroxychloroquine taboo.

Not one media outlet found this odd or bashed the Hanks or the Prime Minister and his wife for being irresponsible.

I have no idea what’s happening with COVID as a whole, no more than anyone else does. However, I will not live in fear because politicians want to play games during an election year. I will continue to live my life with certain precautions, and that’s to wear masks “only” when it’s required to enter a business or airplane…but other than, I will not be seen riding in a car with a mask on, taking walks or any other outdoor activities. I seriously can not breath while wearing a mask, and I feel as though I’m being completely smothered while doing so.

I am blessed to be in excellent health with no pre-existing conditions that would render me more of at risk than others. I also know that it is extremely unhealthy to constantly breath in your own carbon dioxide for long periods of time. Locking people down for months, telling them to alter constantly sterilize their homes, is a recipe for disaster. The next wave of problems that will hit America and the world at large, will be the complete destruction of our immune systems that we have built up over our lifetimes to be able to fight the many unseen toxins that exist in our everyday lives. You can’t live in a bubble or a world void of germs and expect to actually live…our biggest weapons have been our ability to build up resistances to the many viral threats that our bodies come into contact with on a daily basis. What is happening now is a complete destruction of our abilities to fight diseases, we are collectively destroying our immune systems. As a mother; I was told early on that the best thing that I could do for my newborn child was to ensure that he/she is exposed to other children and their germs in order to build up their lungs and their immune systems.

It also doesn’t help with the many contradictions and changes that both the CDC and the so called expert, Dr. Fauci have made. The video below shows Dr. Fauci saying that people should not be wearing masks, and that they do not work. Yet now he says he was wrong and only did so because he didn’t want people hoarding them from medical personnel who needed them. So now we’re supposed to believe the opposite in hopes that this new story is actually factual, and not predicated on some other nefarious or unknown reason.

Watch Dr. Fauci say that people should not be wearing masks…

Lastly, liberal media, Hollywood, and liberals, have all turned this entire thing into a partisan game all in hopes of altering the November elections, and because of this. I know many of you will not agree with me, and that’s fine; because I’ve accepted that most people are afraid of the truth (the truth isn’t partisan)…especially when it comes to Black people and their undying allegiance for the Democratic Party. #YouAintBlack

From Russia With Love,

Charlie Peach🍑

World Traveler, Unbossed & Unbought: Independent & Critical Thinker, Informer NOT Conformer! No Democrat/ No GOP- #DemExit — Unapologetically BLACK!