Liberal White Women are The Wolf In Sheeps Clothing to Black Women…

Someone sent me a tweet this morning that set off all types of anger and emotions, a liberal white woman posted a tweet slamming Secretary Nielsen and Sarah Sanders as enablers of white supremacy, and that they and other white women like them are the colluders of and enablers of white supremacy. This rhetoric also sounds like the speech that Hillary gave blaming white women for being told by their husbands who they should vote for, as they literally held a gun to their heads forcing them to do so. Les we forget it was liberal white women who crossed over and voted for Trump.

This woman states in her bio that she writes for Huffpost, and a cursory look at her twitter page reveals her supposed pain and cry for migrants who were separated from their children. She also calls herself and American/Australian (whatever that is), if you know anything about Australia, you know that it’s one of the most racists predominately white continents in the world. A further review of her twitter page yielded not one article or tweet from her that cried out during Obama administration’s years of doing the same and even worse in some cases. These same white liberals are pushing the lie that Trump invented racism and all the ills that America faces. This is a dangerous lie that allows liberals to ‘white’ wash their hands from the decades of systemic racism that they’ve pushed and profited from when it comes to racism and black communities. It also white-washes the centuries of racism that this country was built on.

My issue with this is that liberal white women are some of the most covert racists in the world. They play and manipulate black women into allyship in order to use us to further their agendas, all while running home to their gated communities with their equally racist white husbands.

Affirmative action was put in place to help black women but it was their buddies the great white women liberals who took advantage of their naivety and used it to further their white husbands businesses in mass. It’s also interesting watching the many rich white women crying about Trump’s push to build a wall, yet these same white women live in gated and walled out communities that would call the police the moment they saw a black man driving through it, whether he lived there or not. One only has to look at liberal white women like Gloria Allred (who just happens to be a Hillary Clinton & Democratic Party Super Delegate), to know the depth of liberal white women’s hatred for black men and the depths she goes to destroy them. I want even talk about white women liberals love of eugenics and Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger or their lust and love for mass child murder and war criminal, Madeline Albright.

The entire #MeToo movement is nothing more than a power shift for white women matriarchy and nothing more, had Hillary became president; Weinstein would still be running Hollywood and a prominent Democratic Party power broker. In all my years in high level corporate jobs, I have never been in a work environment where white women weren’t flaunting their ASSets to gain power or open doors and job promotions that would never have be opened for them otherwise. The fact that they’re claiming victimhood now, when many chose their plight for fame and money is insulting to real victims who didn’t choose to be harassed or assaulted for profit. The below caption was shocking to see from liberal hollyweird but more proof of the true faces of liberal white women…and Bette Midler was once one of my favorites!

New York City is a city within a state that democrats love to lament that they politically control, so ask yourselves why does it now look like the same takeover and maps that we see when comparing how Israel has taken over Palestinian land. NYC no longer has predominately black spaces, they’re now replaced with Hispanic and liberal White gentrification….and I blame corrupt black leadership and black people for continuing to be this naive and gullible.

The liberals ‘great’ Samantha Bee and her husband recently fought against poor black kids being allowed into their gentrified school system. Samantha’s husband stated that he did not want poor black kids in his kids schools; even though that was part of an agreement in order to build a school in the predominately black spaces of New York City that they had gentrified. However, we know who controls the media and the narrative so they have worked hard to deny and claim the stories about Bee’s husband are false, yet I know first hand that it’s true.

Wealthy White New York City Liberals Scream and Shriek About Plan to Desegregate Their Lily-White Schools and Reserve Space In Their School for Underperforming Students

Archprogressive Samantha Bee’s husband Jason Jones — also a one-time Daily Show “correspondent” — was one of the most outspoken opponents of the plan to bring some diversity to their Alt-White neighborhood school.

The plan was to switch some schools around in order to change the demographics of this rich white school (which is over three-quarters white or Asian, and in which only 13% of students are poor enough to receive federal lunch vouchers).

The new school, to which their rich white kids would be sent, was somewhat close to a housing project. He, of course, claimed that his opposition to the plan mix black, Latino, and underprivileged students with his Alt-Reich brood has nothing at all to do — nothing! — with “racism” or “classism.” The outraged wealthy white liberals said that they just didn’t want schools to play “musical chairs” with students or something.

He also told his other Rich White Parents not to talk to the press, lest they portray these rich white ultraprogs as racial hypocrites or something.

Now a new plan is proposed. Instead of moving schools around, which is what the white liberal racists claim is the only thing they objected to, each school will remain in place, and just be required to set aside 25% of its slots for area students who underperform on tests for their grade level. That is, mostly poor black and Latino kids who’ve been taught at the failing schools White Liberals allow to continue failing to appease their political allies, the teachers unions. So — the school isn’t moving. And their white kids don’t have to go to another school. The only change is that some underperforming black and Latino students will be brought to their school. Since their initial objection was definitely not “racist or classist,” as Jason Jones alleged, but only about playing “musical chairs” with schools — they should all support this new plan, right? No…in fact, they’re furious.

The new objection is that bringing in these minority kids will cause the school to reduce its standards and not give the rich white and Asian kids already at the school the same high level of education they’d come to expect.

White parents in Manhattan reacted with furious anger in response to a new plan for desegregating public schools on New York City’s Upper West Side — one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Manhattan.

Local media outlet Spectrum News NY 1 posted a video showing multiple parents at Public School 199 extremely upset about the new plan. One visibly angry parent shouts:

You’re talking about an 11-year-old, you worked your butt off, and you didn’t get that, what you needed or wanted. You’re telling them that you’re not going to go to a school that’s going to educate them the same way you’ve been educated. Life sucks! Is that what the DOE wants to say?

The newly-devised plan requires all local middle schools to reserve 25 percent of their seats for students who score below their respective grade level on standardized English and Math exams administered by the State of New York’s Department of Education.

Wow, it’s your kids being subject to Department of Education desegregation mandates now and suddenly the DOE is a disruptive, intrusive tyranny imposing cruel demands on your local arrangements, huh?

Who could have guessed it.

I don’t know if Jason Jones or Samantha Bee have weighed in on this new plan — but then, Jason Jones ordered his fellow wealthy white liberals to not talk to the press in order to make democracy die in darkness. So I’m not sure we’ll be hearing from them.~Ace of Spades

This woman Chloe Angyal is correct on saying that white women are the catalyst behind white supremacy but she’s a damn liar if she’s going to pretend that it doesn’t also include herself and liberal white women who are the covert architects of systemic racism and the night time, nocturnal cave dwellers, behind the scenes torch carriers of its continuation. New York (the stronghold of liberals that they love to brag about), is one of the most racially segregated states in America and one of the most racially segregated education systems to boot. So I ask someone to explain how this has been allowed and how democrats continue to play the Republicans are racist game. This didn’t happen in a vacuum, this is a result of decades of Black people being used by democrats and their using the boogeyman racism of republicans to keep them in line, all while actively taking over and destroying our spaces.

Lastly, I also ask anyone to show me where these same liberal white women have pushed for an end to the US police systems laws that allows the constant torcher and murders of black people, as they have fought in mass over the last week to end ICE. I’ll wait…

From Russia With Love,

Charlie Peach

World Traveler, Unbossed & Unbought: Independent & Critical Thinker, Informer NOT Conformer! No Democrat/ No GOP- #DemExit — Unapologetically BLACK!

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