Liberals Celebrate Racist John McCain but Dare Black people to Mention Farrakhan or Malcolm…

White liberals are good at erasing the crimes and corruption of their White heroes and heroins, no matter the political party or the crimes they’ve committed. They use feminism to pretend their disdain for White men, only to deify them as saints in their deaths or laud them as great because they appose Trump. George Bush, not only invaded a sovereign country of Iraq but killed millions of Iraqi’s in the process. He also tanked the U.S. economy and destroyed the lives of millions of hard working Americans, but now that he cozies up to Michelle Obama and opposes Trump, he’s being lauded now as a great president…remind me again about hanging chads and stealing his election from Gore.

They’ve spent decades telling Black people what an admirable woman racists and eugenics pusher, Margaret Sanger and war criminal/racist, Madeline Albright were and are. During the era of Jim Crow (KKK, night raids and hangings of poor Black families across the south), a racist and head Dragon for the KKK, Robert Byrd led the charge. Yet, not only was he a sitting Democrat U.S. Senator, but was lauded in death by Hillary Clinton as being, “A great American Original and mentor.” Hillary has also praised racist and eugenics founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger as someone she admired. “If a person shows and tells you who they are, believe them.” Hillary has repeatedly told us who and what she admires, and they all lead back to the erasure of Black people.

This past week of services for John McCain were beyond insulting. The whitewashing of his war criminal past with Keating Five, his racist votes against civil rights and MLK holiday, his being behind the bombings of hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese (and many other countries of color), and his military war complex pedaling, was all somehow magically erased. His public funeral service, as many have stated, resembled the gathering of a Deep State convention.

What’s more damning and clear in all of this ahistorical bullshit being pedaled as facts, is that White people will make sure that their White men and women are exonerated and whitewashed of all crimes against humanity, as long as those crimes do not include the White Jewish people. Crimes against Jews are the only crimes that hold a lifetime of condemnation and punishment, and a guaranteed prison sentence no matter the persons age. Henry Kissinger, Madeline Albright, George Bush, are all war criminals; yet their lives have been erased of all of their crimes, as Black people have accepted the erasure of untold numbers of Black heroes and leaders, because the very people and party they give their votes to, have decided that they are not worthy.

What’s shameful and embarrassing is that White liberals are behind the destruction of the many powerful voices of Black activists and leaders, all with the blessings of Black people, Black celebrities and Black politicians. If a Black person is not on the approved list of White liberals then they will always be destroyed and cast aside. It was pathetic watching all the paid and Democrat owned Black preachers at Aretha’s funeral, do everything they could to not be seen talking to or close to Minister Farrakhan. One of the most powerful Black movements in history was the Million Man March. I will never forget the pride in witnessing the sea of Black men marching onto the nations capitol…all marching with pride (no wonder the Minister is a threat).

Al Sharpton had moved so far away from the Minister during the funeral, that I thought he was going to be in Jesse’s lap if he moved any further away. Al was doing all he could to ensure his liberal/Jewish owners that he was not cozying up to Farrakhan. Micheal Eric Dyson was also very paranoid and fearful of being seen by his liberal handlers of being too close to the minister. Black people are not allowed their own heroes if their White liberals and Jewish owners don’t approve. Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright will never be accepted and Black people are always ready and willing to go along. Obama using and elevating co-intelpro Al SharpTongue as the mouthpiece for Black people, should have been the signal of how unserious he was about Black issues and who also owned Obama.

However, MLK has been sanitized and whitewashed to appeal to White liberals and their White supremacist agendas. That’s the only reason he is seen as the ONLY Black man to fight for our civil rights. Others like John Lewis has sold out his entire community to pander for whatever cause the democrats demand of him, as long as those causes do not include the elevation and reparations of Black Americans.

The Black Panthers, Malcolm X, Assata Shakur, and countless others, were powerful Black activists, but since they were not preaching peace and cumbuya, they were all labeled terrorists and criminals. These people and many Black activists like them were not only removed from their historical rolls in U.S. History but were forever labeled criminals. Obama’s FBI, placed a $1million dollar bounty on the head of Assata Shakur, and also made her the only woman on America’s Most Wanted Terrorist List.

It’s embarrassing that we continue to allow White liberals to determine who our hero’s and leaders are. I’ve watched Black people help destroy or attack any Black person who was not towing the Democrats line of groupthink. All while democrats covet their people no matter what, or pretend they’re done with until it’s time for them to be elevated or deified into eternal sainthood, like McCain. Now that #MeToo has successfully campaigned for rich white women, they’re all ready to allow their predators an opportunity for a comeback. Yet, they’ve destroyed the lives of many Black men without the thought of redemption.

Omarosa has been laughed at and taunted with words of being a sellout and a coon since she went to work for Trump, yet Donna Brazile (a known fraud) is teaming up with Sarah Palin (a known racist) to make money from the same stupid people who allow themselves to be used by both parties. I’ve seen White liberals say things about Omarosa that should never have been allowed. Also, Jim Brown who’s foundation does amazing work for the homeless and Black people in general, but because he supports Trump, White liberals are quick to point out all of his past transgressions as an abuse of women. He will never get the erasure that McCain and crew have received. Yet these Black people who have not killed, imprisoned, bombed or destroyed the lives of Black people, are forever attacked because of their political choices (choices that so many of you are quick to remind us that our ancestors died for), and all too often it is Black people who are the loudest voices who are helping lead the charge.

These people prey on the weak minds of those who are too political inept and loyal, to know or accept they’re being used. All of this is political theater at its best and more proof that the duopoly is ONE…there is no difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. They both have a role to play to maintain white supremacy and to control the weak and the poor of both parties.

Lastly, it’s shameful and telling that John McCain fought vehemently against Civil Rights & MLK Holiday, yet Obama helped eulogize him instead of speaking at or attending the funeral of Aretha Franklin, a woman who helped MLK & Civil Rights…not to mention, showed up for Obama on several occasions. White liberals and the Blacks that they own, are the biggest threat to African Americans since slavery. Martin & Malcolm got the threat and danger of white liberals, unanimously correct. If war criminals like McCain, Bush, Albright and Kissinger, can be elevated and erased of all of their crimes, then surely Black Activists Mumia Abu-Jamal, the entire Black Panther Party, and Assata Shakur, should all be exonerated and free (even if in absentia).

From Russia With Love,

Charlie Peach



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