Stacey Abrams took $5M from Racist Mike Bloomberg to Con Black People in Georgia’s 2020 Election… #BloombergIsRacist

Stacey Abrams wants Georgians and the entire Democratic electorate to believe that she is the King and/or Queen maker within the state of Georgia. A woman who lost her race, not because of election fraud but because many black voters knew her real political history and not the Hollywood version that was served up by the likes of Oprah and other famous celebrities. She revved up voter suppression of black people to line her pockets with enormous wealth and celebrity, when in fact she worked closely with the former republican governor to redistrict minority areas to favor GOP.

Stacey has never stood for black people on any topic when it comes to racism that didn’t directly benefit her or her liberal elite white friends. Everyone at the Georgia state capitol knows who and what she is and that was the very reason that the black legislature (not that they’re any better) refused to support her in the primary. There is a quiet disdain about Abrams that spoken in hush tones all across the Georgia capitol on how her only agenda was always for the liberal white elites and aligning herself with republicans when it benefited her agendas.

Stacey has been quietly working with racists like Mike Bloomberg to control Georgia’s political races for 2020. She has systematically helped erase the candidacy of both a gay black man and a black woman who are both vying for the US Senate seat being held by David Perdue.

Stacey was paid $5 million dollars by Bloomberg to push Reverend Raphael Warnock into the other Georgia US Senate race against Kelly Loeffler, this was said to be only a ploy to drive black voters to the polls to help down ballot democrats, because everyone knows that Warnock stands no chance of winning that race. He has no appeal outside of the confines of Ebenezer Baptist Church and no background that even remotely qualifies him for the position.

What’s even more shameful than Abrams gladly taking the money of known racist, flip flopping republican, and Stop & Frisk King, is that Abrams who used black women as her calling card in her 2016 race against Governor Kemp; is purposely silencing the campaign of a black woman named Maya Dillard-Smith, whose background and education can not be matched by any of the white candidates that are running against her. The Democratic Party are said to have given Abrams carte blanche for any high profile position coming out of Georgia, and that they/she will be the deciders not the Georgia voters on who that will be. Stacey knows that Maya Dillard-Smith and Marckeith DeJesus are running for the Perdue seat along with the three white candidates, yet for the second time she has chosen to host an event that purposely excluded them.

Bloomberg also enlisted Stacey and her organization to covertly hire the new manager for Teresa Tomlinson the former republican and mayor of Columbus, Georgia. Tomlinson is running in the Perdue race, and is famously known for saying she speaks Republican and therefore, she would be more equipped to win the racist white votes in rural Georgia. Tomlinson and Bloomberg have a lot in common, they both are closet republicans and they both love prison labor.

Bloomberg has been running all across the state, lining the pockets of African Americans who are willing to work for him no matter how horrible he is and how bad he will be for African Americans and minorities if he were ever elected as president.

However, kudos goes out to @BenjaminPDixon for exposing Bloomberg’s corruption and racist rants against African Americans and minorities that went viral on last night prompting the hashtag #BloombergIsARacist.

It’s insulting that the Democratic Party has allowed Bloomberg to buy his way into the election after all their rants against Trump and his authoritarian views in their eyes. However, Bloomberg is known for his racist agendas in NYC, his backdoor policies against poor blacks, and how he rewrote the laws to allow himself to stay in office for three terms to continue his corruption and racist reign of terror on black and brown people of that city. Bloomberg went into office being worth about $10B but left being worth over $50B.

As for Stacey Abrams, it’s past time that black people call her out for her lies and elitist fraud agenda. There is no “Fair Fight” in helping erase qualified black candidates because she fears her power will be erased. When will the so-called cancel culture call her out and cancel her?

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