The Same Women Who Ignored Weinstein Are Now Ignoring DEMS Congressional Sexual Assault Slush Fund…#MeToo

Amazingly what they have clearly done is take over a name and movement that was created 10years ago because of the erasure of black girls/women when it came to protests about sexual assault or rape, but now White HollyWeird and their liberal propaganda media are claiming that it started only a year ago today. They have effectively and intentionally erased Black women and especially poor and working class Black women from the face of the entire movement. It’s shameful that the very women of whom the organization was initially created to protect, are the actually people it has now completely removed…it’s even sadder that I am told that Tarana Burke is all too willing now to allow that to happen as long as her new checks are cashing.

Victims of sexual harassment on Capitol Hill are protected by law. But payments made by harassers are protected too.

Emily Ratajkowski came ready for her photo-op — Sex Sales

The Office of Compliance’s mediation process for victims of harassment is long, complicated — and discouraging



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