The Same Women Who Ignored Weinstein Are Now Ignoring DEMS Congressional Sexual Assault Slush Fund…#MeToo

It’s really hard to take liberals serious anymore and even harder to take HollyWeird serious when they won’t even condemn their own party leaders. They claim to be all about believing women and demanding that men who sexually assault or rape women, be destroyed or brought to justice. However, none of these same women have demanded that the democrats be held accountable for the millions of taxpayer money that was found recently to be sat aside to payoff sexual assault claims in congress. Where has Emily Ratajkowski, Kathy Griffin, Rose McGowan or the other washed up has-been and nut job Alyssa Milano, been when protesting on this issue…but #MeToo, #TimesUp.

Democrats and their faux feminist movement is rather interesting if it weren’t so pathetic…they can’t grasp why so many liberal white women crossed over and voted for Trump, when the reality is most of these white women we see daily parroting democrats, are only doing so out of fear or retribution. They are afraid not of their husbands or sons as Hillary alleged, but out of public social media lynchings and shaming…fear of losing their jobs for speaking how they really feel, because unless you agree to the bullying and views of liberals your mocked, condemned or destroyed. So they pretend to go along in public until that final step in the voting booth, when like any sane person would do, they vote for their families, for their pocketbooks, their personal ideologies, and yes for the preservation of their own race…and not for the boogeyman that liberals see lurking under everyone’s beds but their own. Most people with an ounce of common sense would do the same, especially the way liberals are preaching destruction and public lynchings for those who don’t bend to their will.

My vagina is in tact and so are many of the Black women that I know (abortion is NOT a form of birth control, but it is a form of Population Control of the poor), but what isn’t being addressed by liberals and HollyWeird, are things that directly affect Black people…Roe Vs. Wade is not a cause da jour for me and never was, but ensuring that my sons are not shot while walking, driving or holding their hands up is, quality and equal education, affordable housing etc.,. I will ALWAYS be BLACK before my gender and I will ALWAYS protect my father, husband, sons; over carrying water for rich white liberals agendas.

Liberals and their media publicity arm of the Washington elites are pushing resistance and tyranny in order to overlook their own crimes, complicity and ineptitude. They are good at sending out these oftentimes drugged out and washed out celebrities to be the face of their fraud agendas. The democrats have done everything in their power to coverup why they have failed and have used every issue and group of people they can find to use as props for their fears, rather than take a cathartic cleansing of what an awful, elite and corporate owned party it’s become.

I also thought since today has been officially dubbed as the one year anniversary of #MeToo by white liberals, celebrities and their propaganda armed media, that I would revisit their fraud and ignoring of their own party’s sexual assault issues. In the midst of the Kavanaugh manufactured outrage, it seemed like a perfect time to share and discuss this important overlooked topic by liberals.

Amazingly what they have clearly done is take over a name and movement that was created 10years ago because of the erasure of black girls/women when it came to protests about sexual assault or rape, but now White HollyWeird and their liberal propaganda media are claiming that it started only a year ago today. They have effectively and intentionally erased Black women and especially poor and working class Black women from the face of the entire movement. It’s shameful that the very women of whom the organization was initially created to protect, are the actually people it has now completely removed…it’s even sadder that I am told that Tarana Burke is all too willing now to allow that to happen as long as her new checks are cashing.

Victims of sexual harassment on Capitol Hill are protected by law. But payments made by harassers are protected too.

That’s right, democrats are protecting their colleagues who are accused of sexually harassing their staffers. No surprise, I’m still waiting on the democrats to finally hold both Bill & Hillary Clinton accountable. You know that whole believe women thingy…it is shameful how Hillary literally attacked and/or destroyed the many women who have accused Bill of sexual assault or rape.

The Settlement and Awards Fund comes from an effort to hold Congress accountable for the federal laws that all other employers have to follow.

But as prominent men in other fields have faced snowballing accusations of sexual harassment, it’s instead shielded members of Congress from publicity.

“Congress has notoriously exempted itself from accountability measures,” said Danielle Brian, executive director of the Project on Government Oversight, an organization focused on promoting transparency in government, in an email.

The payouts have varied widely, from just under $40,000 in 1997 to more than $4 million in 2007 to just under $1 million in 2017. The fund is virtually unlimited. The act calls for however much is necessary to pay awards and settlements, and that money is only added to the fund when it is needed for a payment; per a spokesperson for the Congressional Office of Compliance.

Emily Ratajkowski came ready for her photo-op — Sex Sales

The Office of Compliance’s mediation process for victims of harassment is long, complicated — and discouraging

Women working on the Hill, from senators to staffers, have been subject to sexual harassment for decades — even during hearings. And there’s no human resources department in Congress. Instead, the same law that created the settlement fund also created the Office of Compliance to administer it.

If members of legislative branch staff — from Senate office staffers to employees of the Congressional Budget Office — experience sexual harassment at work, they must go to the office within 180 days of the incident to find a solution.

Victims can’t even make a formal complaint for sexual harassment (or any other violation of the CAA) until three months have passed, including a 30-day period after enduring a mediation process with their harasser.

So, it boggles the mind on how Democrats and their HollyWeird friends have completely overlooked what happens in Congress to victims of workplace sexual assault. The hypocrisy of their words and the craziness that we witnessed during the Kavanaugh hearings was insulting but also unhinged and deranged mind-control in full affect by the liberal elites. We already know that had a group of out of control Black people stormed the capital building, ran down senators, leveling threats to them, beat hysterically on 300 pound doors demanding they be opened, it would be more than tanks and teargas being used against them.

The real question should be asked with all of the issues that are paramount in both HollyWeird and within the democrat party’s systems of government, why are they not focusing on cleaning up their own issues before trying to force their will of governance and ideology on others? No one has to believe and follow what an elitist group of white people are selling. This resistance madness has gone off the rails of reality.

Watching (mostly) white women screaming and falling out in the streets and chanting scripted messages was laughable. Yet none of these women have actually looked into why Planned Parenthood has lobbied and worked so hard to keep Healthcare for All from passing. Planned Parenthood does not care about women’s reproduction unless it can allow them to keep their government funding, both Single Payer and Healthcare for All would end their government funding for good.

The billions they receive from the government are earmarked for women’s health and not for abortions, losing those funds along with no longer being able to be a force in Black abortions, and the overall eugenics/erasure of Black people per its founders’ intended purpose, would be devastating for PP. Between now and November, I will be waiting to see how many angry white women and HollyWeird celebrities will tear down the walls of Congress and demand that their own party opens the books on who has been accused and who has paid off their accusers via taxpayer monies. However, we all know that won’t happen, Bill and Hillary Clinton are planning a tour…so we already know what these people really think about certain sexual predators and their wives who enable them.

From Russia With Love,

Charlie Peach

World Traveler, Unbossed & Unbought: Independent & Critical Thinker, Informer NOT Conformer! No Democrat/ No GOP- #DemExit — Unapologetically BLACK!