The Same Women Who Ignored Weinstein Are Now Ignoring DEMS Congressional Sexual Assault Slush Fund…#MeToo

Victims of sexual harassment on Capitol Hill are protected by law. But payments made by harassers are protected too.

That’s right, democrats are protecting their colleagues who are accused of sexually harassing their staffers. No surprise, I’m still waiting on the democrats to finally hold both Bill & Hillary Clinton accountable. You know that whole believe women thingy…it is shameful how Hillary literally attacked and/or destroyed the many women who have accused Bill of sexual assault or rape.

Emily Ratajkowski came ready for her photo-op — Sex Sales

The Office of Compliance’s mediation process for victims of harassment is long, complicated — and discouraging

Women working on the Hill, from senators to staffers, have been subject to sexual harassment for decades — even during hearings. And there’s no human resources department in Congress. Instead, the same law that created the settlement fund also created the Office of Compliance to administer it.



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