We’re All in the Ghetto Now, is liberals attempt to whitewash Hillary’s Ill-timed Words about Middle America…

Reading over my daily newspapers this morning; I was mortified to read a New York Times article, titled: We’re All in the Ghetto Now. The title was laughable considering the massive wealth gap in America, and once I began to read more of what the writer was protesting and it became clear how utterly ignorant the entire article was. Allow me to make myself very clear, I am no fan of President Trump’s, but I am a fan of the truth and the brainwashing of democrats by mainstream media is at a record high. Per the author, Trump created the mass poverty in the liberal state of California. Two of the wealthiest politicians in the world reside in California, and Nancy Pelosi & Diane Feinstein should be attacked daily for the conditions of the disturbing ‘Ghetto’s’ in liberal San Francisco. The democrats are good at deflection and identity politics, it gives them cover for their fraud and abject neglect for the poor and disenfranchised.


Over a week ago, Hillary Clinton on one of her many world tours of who’s fault it is now, proclaimed while on foreign soil in Mumbai, India; that Trump only won because of Middle America and people who are looking backwards and that she won places that were diverse and looking forward. Democrats were in a free fall because of fear of alienating a new base of people they were hoping to attract for upcoming elections. However, what’s laughable is that Trump also won many of the same people in those areas that Obama won twice during his election. Maybe just maybe, their support for Trump was because of their desire to find the Hope and Change that they never got under Obama.

The first notable line was that Trump was visitingBeverly Hills California’ when his alleged snub and ghettorizing of the 1% began. Yes, Beverly Hills the home of the wealthiest people in the world. Make sure you really read the content of this story and all of it’s insults to average Americans…the author is crying about Beverly Hills and California, a liberal state with the highest poverty rate in America, where 75% of black boys are reading below the national level (and other atrocious stats) where black men are murdered by police with impunity, where poverty is higher than any other state, where the same home a beautiful 1500 sq ft home in Atlanta that costs an average of $200K, would cost you over a $2M in California.

The author is insulting the millions of homeless people who are fighting for mere survival each day in liberal California. It is the policies of liberals and their catering to Hollywood elite and Silicone Valley, that controls their policies. Nothing these people say or do should be met with any truth, liberal hollywood only cares about one thing and that’s maintaining white supremacy by masking it in identity politics.

The author was angered that President Trump refused to place himself in harm's way, he/she complains that Trump doesn’t come to the people only those who agree with him. Allow me to dissect that statement, the last time I checked; anytime that Trump held a rally or an event that he deemed inclusive, liberals made sure to boycott and black democratic leaders like Maxine Waters, John Lewis and CBC, all made sure to announce their boycotting of all things Trump. So, just as Trump is suppose to be POTUS for ALL Americans, our politicians are also suppose to represent their constituents no matter who’s in office and playing partisan games to manipulate the weak minds of voters and essentially keep them in office, does not get policies changed.

The new ghetto is first and foremost geographical. Mr. Trump simply doesn’t go to places he sees as hostile or irrelevant to his worldview, such as Los Angeles, or most college campuses, or actual ghettos. More significantly, he ghettoizes dissenters everywhere — from Black Lives Matter activists to F.B.I. officers — by ignoring and insulting them (the F.B.I.’s reputation is the “worst in history”), and crudely stereotyping them (crazy liberals, Mexican rapists).~The New York Times article…We’re All in Ghetto’s Now.

Fresno’s Homeless

The entire paragraph should anger African Americans, and especially those of us who are no longer residing on the democrats plantation. It’s not enough that the author is attempting to re-write history as though Obama, the first black POTUS, ever came to black campuses without preaching and condemnation of the black students he was suppose to be lifting up, all while lauding and praising anytime he stepped foot on a white college campus. Then there’s the insult of praise and concern for the FBI, as though the FBI hasn’t criminalized, terrorized, murdered and imprisoned black people since their inception…not to mention the recent reports on how the FBI (during Obama administration) not only kept BLM under surveillance as a potential threat but placed a million dollar ‘unnecessary’ bounty on Assata Shakur’s head, no mention of James Comey’s horrible declaration of a supposed ‘Ferguson Affect’, that was used to defend and protect the rogue police state that murders people of color with impunity. #StephonClark


There’s also this very in depth article by The Intercept on how the FBI tracked activist involved with BLM as they traveled across the U.S.


The author goes on to talk of how Trump, ruthlessly ‘otherizes’ people as though Hillary and Democrats haven’t done the same. There was nothing more damning and systemically criminalizing than the term, ‘super predators’. Please see the authors caption below:

The biggest paradox is that the working class and poor white people who have been ghettoized by deindustrialization and outsourcing are among Mr. Trump’s staunchest supporters. They think they still live in a hallowed space because the president actually visits them. He holds rallies with them. He goes to their neighborhoods, he seeks them out and he pointedly includes them in his favorite pronoun, “we.” He flatters them with the idea that he’s one of their tribe.~The New York Times

What’s insulting is all that he/she has alluded in the above statement can also be said about democrats and poor blacks, when they crowd our churches and communities, when it’s time to beg for votes…all while the GHETTO’s of our communities continue to languish in poverty, homelessness, poor schools and police brutality (Flint was a democrat favorite during presidential election, not a word now and Flint is still without safe drinking water)…all of these things while black people lay prostrate at the altar of the democrats plantation for decades. It’s interesting that Bernie Sanders campaigned on the poverty and ghetto’s of America, but when he pointed out the disparities of both poor blacks and poor whites; he was met with recrimination and attacks. I spoke many times of the need to join hands with those who share similar needs, and was simultaneously attacked for doing so.

The real story is not that Trump has Ghettorized America but that Liberals have BRAINWASHED an entire world and when it comes to California’s so-called ‘ghettorization’, the dems only have themselves to blame…and lastly, neither party gives a damn about anyone other than the 1%.

From Russia With Love,

Charlie Peach

World Traveler, Unbossed & Unbought: Independent & Critical Thinker, Informer NOT Conformer! No Democrat/ No GOP- #DemExit — Unapologetically BLACK!

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