When US Media and Government Are Against A Country, It’s ALWAYS Rooted In That Country’s Support Of Africa and Black People.

When the US Media and the US Government, pedals its Imperalism, Colonialism and Racism to further their Global quest for domination, and war drums to enable its Military Industrial Complex against another nation; you can bet the house that it’s rooted in said countries support of Black and Brown people the world over. No one would know that North Korea fought with Nelson Mandela to free South Africa from its Apartheid and Zionist control.


While Cuba is receiving ample headlines for its role in helping to defeat apartheid, North Korea’s role in the anti-apartheid movement is lesser known. From training guerilla fighters to denouncing South Africa in its propaganda, North Korea supported Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress during apartheid. Today, the two countries maintain friendly relations even as South Africa calls on North Korea to denuclearize.

As a member of the Non-Aligned Movement, North Korea believed that African nations, still suffering under white minority rule, should overthrow their oppressors. In its media, North Korean propagandists frequently cited the “South African racist clique” as an imperialist force in southern Africa that prevented the independence of black South Africans and the neighboring countries of Namibia, Lesotho, and Zimbabwe.

US Historians have also tried to Whitewash the relationship between the Black Panther Party and North Korea (but one could argue that the US Government and its propaganda arm, the US Media; have successfully worked to erase the truth about the Black Panther Party all together)…even I had no idea about this or that Eldridge & Kathleen Cleaver’s second child was actually born there, and subsequently her name was chosen by President Kim Il-Sung’s wife.


At a time when the United States designated Nelson Mandela a terrorist for fear of his socialist sympathies, the Soviet Union actively trained and armed the African National Congress, now the ruling party of South Africa, to fight apartheid. Soviet support helped fuel liberation struggles across Africa.

From 1961 to 1992, one of Moscow’s most prestigious schools bore the name of Patrice Lumumba, the Soviet-supported Congolese independence leader brutally executed in 1961. Patrice Lumumba University recruited and educated generations of foreign leaders, especially African leaders, and was just one of the many ways in which the Soviet Union cultivated ties with Africa.~Council on Foreign Relations

Officials actively recruited skilled foreign laborers and professionals, Blakely said. About 18,000 Americans answered the call to work in the 1930s, he said. Among them were several hundred African Americans who traveled to the Soviet Union, including dozens who lived there for “the good part of a decade,” Blakely said.

Their ranks included graduates of historically black colleges such as Tuskegee University in Alabama and Virginia’s Hampton Agricultural and Industrial School, later called the Hampton Institute. They were engineers, educators, entertainers, journalists, lawyers. The actor-activist Paul Robeson and poet Langston Hughes were among those travelers captivated by communism.

The Soviets gave the African Americans red-carpet treatment, including fat paychecks, subsidized housing and free vacations.


Cuba still remains the boogeyman and propaganda tool of the right and the left. It’s insulting that so many people who are anti-Trump working with North Korea, were okay with Obama working with Cuba…and that actually goes both ways because Conservatives were in an uproar when Obama chose to work with Cuba and lift sanctions etc.,.

Many people are still unaware of all Fidel Castro did for Africa and the support he offered African Americans here, within the US. Cuba has one of the best Medical School programs in the world, and offered FREE Medical School to African Americans with the only caveat being their internship had to be done at community/state hospital once they returned.

So, although Fidel has a mixed record at home — one of authoritarian, sometimes brutal rule, tempered by huge cultural investment and immense strides in health care — his African reputation is as a man who changed history.

Without a countervailing military force to the US-supported state-of-the-art South African military machine, the African liberation armies by themselves could not have succeeded. Fidel sent tanks and thousands of soldiers. The Soviets sent warplanes.


Hugo Chavez was the first president of Latin America to declare himself of African descent. In an interview with Democracy Now in 2005, Chavez reaffirmed the importance of his and Venezuelan peoples’ historic ties to the continent, stating:

And one of the greatest motherlands of all is no doubt, Africa. We love Africa. And every day we are much more aware of the roots we have in Africa… Racism is very characteristic of imperialism. Racism is very characteristic of capitalism.~President Hugo Chavez

Chavez was instrumental in creating and maintaining the alliance across South America (and to a lesser extent Meso-America and the Caribbean), which has enabled a weakening of North American clout and the creation of alternative institutions, like Banco del Sur and the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of our America (ALBA), that capture the needs of the region and the will of its people. This was similar to what Gaddafi attempted to do for his people and protecting their oil rich country.

The building of tangible and concrete self-determined paths, alternatives, institutions and processes has been inspirational to Africans everywhere who are fighting to democratise our realities and resist the onslaught on our continent.~Hamika Habas — Aljazeera News


Muammar Gaddafi had many faults but his real crime was that he fought to liberate Africa from Western, European & Zionist control. In a final quest to obtain that, he created a cardinal sin when he attempted to change their currency (dinar) to gold. This would have destroyed the US Dollar and the IMF (International Monetary Fund). How dare he fight for Africa’s liberation and her restoration to her people.

After Mr Mandela became South Africa’s first black president in 1994, he rejected pressure from Western leaders — including then-US President Bill Clinton — to sever ties with Col Gaddafi, who bankrolled his election campaign.

“Those who feel irritated by our friendship with President Gaddafi can go jump in the pool,” he said.

Instead, Mr Mandela played a key role in ending Col Gaddafi’s pariah status in the West by brokering a deal with the UK over the 1988 Lockerbie bombing.

There is a picture unfolding in all of these supposed world threats, and that picture is that the US Government of both parties, along with Israel and their media propaganda arms are working together to ensure that Black and Brown people the world over continue to be controlled and owned by US Imperialism and Western Apartheid owned regimes. Say what you will about former president of Zimbabwe (Robert Mugabe), but he was fighter and believer in keeping settlers and colonizers from stealing Zimbabwean land. However, it didn’t take long after his removal that the robbing began.

The only threat to the US & it’s allies are that Africans Americans and Black and Brown people the world over, will finally be free of their control, genocide and apartheid. It’s been entertaining watching democrats beat their war drums against North Korea and Trumps peace agreement, proving that they’re corrupt corporate owned shills for the Military Industrial Complex, a designation once only thought to be owned by the GOP. Democratic Senate, Tammy Duckworth posted a tweet bragging of how she has put forth an amendment to prevent Trump from withdrawing U.S. Troops from South Korea. A closer look at Duckworth’s donations, and tens of thousands came from defense contractors, yet she had no problem signing on to a $700 Billion deal to wage war in the Middle East.

Lastly, no one ever talks about Muammar Gaddafi giving up his nukes only to be assassinated by a coup brought on by Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration.

During a visit to Libya’s former colonial ruler Italy in 2009, Gaddafi remarked: “We had hoped Libya would be an example to other countries. … But we have not been rewarded by the world.”

This reminds me of the argument that Killer Mike was trying to articulate about Black Americans giving up or not owning guns…do so at your own peril. The USA has no moral limb to stand on, nor perch of which to shout, to call anyone a threat!

From Russia With Love,

Charlie Peach

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